Jonathan Vaughters and his Garmin-Sharp, the champions of clean cycling curious

Jonathan Vaughters , former U.S. cyclist with these adjectives one would imagine that is a great example to follow, and yet is one of those riders tainted by doping throughout his career.

Garmin Sharp

The career of Vaughters was never clean, and the confessed himself in the process that eventually discover Lance Armstrong. Besides, Vaughters still has its headquarters in Girona, where live and train most of its riders. They use virtually the same story, the same roads to train and almost the same logistics as the Texan used at the time, with no late legal and then it was found.

Garmin-Sharp is also a team where we met several ex-doped. There’s David Millar , who has gone on to publish a book about his wanderings which is coming quite well economically, and former co-Armstrong, as well as a cyclist Vaughters, as David Zabriskie , Christian Vandevelde and Tom Danielson . Everyone at the time confessed to doping during most of his career, until of course this team.

So a man whose career has been linked to 100% with doping, which is installed in an area scarred forever by the Lance Armstrong because of the affair, and is home to cyclists that also have a past ashamed, is the champion of new cycling , cycling clean and credible. Although the statement does not sounds credible precisely, but rather amazing.

Vaughters believes his experience with doping, and several of his runners, is the best weapon to fight for clean cycling , that he, as a director, and other cyclists continue to have hole in cycling is an example for young, so they know which path to follow. That is the point of view that has this eccentric director, and that not everyone shares. The reasons are obvious.

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