It hits McLaren signed Sergio Perez?

Its lap 20 of the Grand Prix of Japan and Sergio Perez Sauber stuck wheel with Lewis Hamilton at McLaren. Arriving at the fork aims to advance the English had done 13 laps before, but this time Hamilton moved his car slightly left. The move surprised Perez, who had begun to slow down a little late, and having to look abroad ends up spinning and going off the track.

McLaren and Sergio Perez

It’s just a point in the season just ended, but a good example of what we’ve seen of “Czech” this season, coincidentally with the pilot to replace McLaren: a middling score, a great race pace, no fear fight with the best riders of the championship, but also an increased susceptibility to lose out in these battles, and with Fernando Alonso in Malaysia in the rain. Sergio Perez has already made a contract with one of the best teams on the grid, now it is shown that the McLaren is a wise decision.

His signing came as a surprise, and not just because he was a pilot school for Ferrari. Once you decided to go to Hamilton Mercedes no clear top pilot to take his place, and the pair of Force India Paul di Resta and Nico Hulkenberg seemed the most likely candidates, but Perez was on the radar for a while as McLaren Martin Whitmarsh.

Sergio is the same age, 22, who debuted in Hamilton when the McLaren F1. Unlike English and Perez has competed two seasons, but Lewis made many miles of test to be ready in 2007, a season that began with nine consecutive podium finishes. The goal is that Sergio McLaren reaches the first race being able to win.

No doubt that the life of “Czech” changes much from now. In a team like McLaren will be expected all of it and will have to face a lot of pressure, especially considering he has never won an F1 Grand Prix, and has never had a teammate World Champion. The gap left by Hamilton is very large and it is up to him that McLaren is not weakened by the absence of English.

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