Isco clause from 20 to 35 million euros

Six million was the amount paid to Malaga to Valencia by Isco just over a year and half. Today, the young player could bring to his team, if it was transferred, four or five times what it cost. Clearly it would be a sweet deal, is not it? Always economically course.

For now, the possibility of selling to Isco is undeniable, and not because the player has said he wants to leave. He was a man of the company, Mario spindles, which stated that the possible departure of Isco is a reality, the very day on which he signed and made official improved contract for the player of only 21 years, and by the way, an increase in the buyout clause .


Spindles, director sports team, said that the rise of the termination clause,of 20-35000000 , not a strategy to sell and make more money, but took no time to admit that, following a logical line, Isco eventually playing for a European giant. Curious contradiction, unlike Isco who seems to have things clears by now: there have been offers, but so far not contemplate leaving Malaga.

All that could change if the ultimate rush and Andalusian club is a victim of the new Financial Fair Play UEFA and run out to play in the Champions League next season. Without European revenues, if the TAS does not accept resources have convoked the Spanish team, would be nothing strange that the Malaga again to sell his important men, mostly by necessity, and Isco is your product star. In addition, the player needs to play in the best scenarios for growth.

But hey, all that ramble a bit now. Isco has contract until 2016, with an improved salary, the club plays in his homeland and is the star of it, and on top has a less affordable clause … If someone wants to sign Isco, you first have to convince the player that this is the best step you can take in his progression as a player, and I think it’s more complicated than negotiating with Malaga does seem predisposed to it.

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