My Time, the controversial and interesting biography of Bradley Wiggins

The last books that have been published on cyclists, such as David Millar or Tyler Hamilton, are having much success. Probably taking advantage of this pull, and has been taking advantage of one of the characters in 2012, has reached this biography of Bradley Wiggins titled “My Time” , where it is also clear that the British rider has not been an exemplary man.

Bradley Wiggins

Although, when we talk about Wiggins defects that do not have issues with doping, but with alcohol. His is a career that eventually succeeded, after achieving victory in the Tour de France 2012 and the gold in the Olympics, medals to add to those already achieved in Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004, but before reaching he lives there with the dark side of sport.

Born in Ghent, a Bradley Wiggins boy went with her mother to London, fleeing from his father, an alcoholic who only positive thing he did to his son was to instill the love of cycling. Over time, Wiggins came to suffer the same problems as his father with alcohol, confessing that came to drink up to 12 pints per day, and it was not until her first child was born when he realized that he had to order his life.

Thus was born the new Bradley Wiggins, one giant coming from the track but was losing weight and improving their results gradually road, becoming a big favorite to win laps until finally achieved the milestone of being the first Briton to win a Tour.

Precisely one of the hot spots of this book is about what happened in this Tour de France, and especially his relationship with Chris Froome. We all know what happened on the road, we all saw that Froome could have become the enemy of Wiggins and not in their herd, and we all saw that Froome did not hesitate to show he could beat his teammate. We did not know we really had problems between the two.

Wiggins account in his autobiography that after the eleventh stage, where he humbled Froome, thought about leaving and coming back home. And play up the dialogue of the moment. Since that time, which broke the rules Froome, Wiggins was not sure of which side was his partner and so thought of leaving, because I knew I could expect from Froome. Probably what I expected to do the cyclist Kenyan home was what finally did.

This book demonstrates that the end was in Sky more than a war of words between the wives of Wiggins and Sky via Twitter. And Wiggins and Froome eye because remain peers for 2013, so we’ll see how we feel all this to the other party. Yes, it gives me for the next year, not gregarious Froome Wiggins and vice versa, come on, does not coincide in a great lap, just in case.

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