Increase athletic performance in 10 seconds

Today we bring a study that more than one will like sink your teeth into, and never better. According to recent research concludes published in the journal Brain and Cognition, chewing (a gum, a pipe or even the protector of teeth) increases the level of surveillance and response and thus may improve athletic performance.

We therefore have athletes like Messi (pictured), Victor Valdes himself or Cristiano Ronaldo a reason in which support their usual habits of chewing gum.


For the research, a team of Japanese scientists asked 17 young people to press a button in response to visual stimuli that looked at a screen. Each individual completed the experiment several times, some chewing gum and other times with nothing in his mouth.

The results showed that chewing gum, the reaction time of the participants improved by 7%, or expressed in time, an average improvement of 36 milliseconds. This may not seem like much time, but we must bear in mind that in many sports, a few milliseconds are the difference between a good player and a crack.

Explains the study’s lead author, Dr. Yoshiyuki Hirano Chiba University, when you chew gum, the jaw muscles stimulate certain brain regions such as the premotor cortex (area responsible for what the planning, control and execution voluntary motor function)

“By stimulating the premotor cortex, the brain prepares for movement and reaction, which contributes to improved engine performance,” adds Dr. Hirano

Furthermore, it seems that it would take only 10 seconds of chewing to activate brain regions responsible for this improvement occurs in performance. So according to this research, the next time that you may need for your best reflections or react quickly ye a stimulus, perhaps simply chewing gum can help you.

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