How to Train resistance: useful and effective Tips

One of the most important parts of training is resistance. This is critical in exercises like running, playing football, cycling and racing, this significant part is emphasized. Resistance training provides greater ability to endure, effectively, the training and therefore achieve better marks or more goals.


  • The best trick to train and increase endurance is routine. You must be consistent and play the sport you want to exercise routinely because, otherwise, you will not get a good level of resistance. The resistance will increase as time goes on and you practice this exercise.

How to Train resistance

  • Do not tire quickly: If you start the year on a strong will end soon. You should start exercising slowly, and slowly spreading to force, thus get a higher resistance.

  • Small power shots: While practicing and train you provide, your body, 30 or 40 seconds at maximum speed and then back to normal speed. In this way the body adapts and increases resistance to such training. It is not advisable to spend more than 40 seconds at high speed or effort since the body may begin to tire too.
  • Combine sport: To gain and resistance training is recommended to change and vary the sport like running or cycling. This way you get a perfect body adaptation to any type of exercise and, over time, the body will get better results.
  • Stretching: Although not appear stretching before and after exercise, helping more resistance. With stretching the body adapts to the exercise to be performed and, therefore, when the time is ready, getting more strength and holding time in the sport.
  • Days off: If you believe that an exercise every day gets more resistance, you’re wrong. The body needs to rest to regain strength and therefore have better results and be more resistant. Train daily can cause injury or even a reduction in exercise endurance.
  • Hobbies motion: If you want to train endurance in a fun way and, thus, increase your fitness, make any hobbies like soccer or tennis. These sports produce general training and help improve the time, the body, hold practicing the sport.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to make professional training should move to a gym. In these places will tell you the best way to train and, if necessary, let you use their sports machines.
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