How to swim: follow these steps and routines to learn

Swimming is a natural action in man is checked with births in aqueous media, which is also beneficial to them as it is a less stressful birth. The reason for this is very logical, because fetuses develop in an aqueous medium in what is the placenta of mothers, however, as time passes and the children do not return to a liquid medium forget these skills and it is necessary to learn to swim.

How to swim


  • Lose the fear of water the difficulty of proving that it sinks in it when lying on his back without a fight. Anyone can float on water effortlessly back and being completely relaxed. The action carried out by people who cannot swim to avoid sinking is causing them to sink more easily.
  • Move your arms trying to head towards some direction, pushing his fingers together hand in hand in the opposite direction you want to go and loosening hands to return it to the original position to repeat the movement again. This boosts your body in the desired direction without doing your hands backwards. With this we know float and swim.
  • Try to do the same but from the front. Now you will need to remove the face of the water to breathe, so just tilt your face to inhale enough air and re-submerge to avoid draining energies on keeping his face out.
  • Try raising your right arm forward over his shoulder to make contact with the water in front of his head. Touching the water is appropriate hand side enter to avoid resistance and turn it once in the water to pull back, giving you a push forward.
  • Both arms move as if they are blades 180 degrees from each other so that as one pulls water backwards, the other is out of the water moving toward the front of his head. Outside water need not significantly increase the arm; just enough to advance is not lost upon contact with water. The hand goes under the water must pass very close to the body to give more momentum.
  • Move legs with feet outstretched trying to throw the water back, bending only from the knees down. This will provide an additional boost that will give you more speed as more experience is gained. One of the exercises that are put to new apprentices for swimming is only with legs propels a table holding hands. This makes the exclusive depend kick to advance, which subsequently lead to greater speed. Now you can swim in front crawl.
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