How to surf: Method for beginners step by step

Learn how to surf safely through this practical guide to avoid suffering any accident. If you’re a beginner and still dominate some fears, taking into account the following tips, you will find it easier to manage the table in waves so you can enjoy this sport so exciting at sea.


  • First, you have to paddle into the wave, trying to spread the weight of the body to not turn over. The head should always be lifted, shoulders placing a good distance from the tip, and always trying to keep her legs together. Paddling, you must lift your shoulders and dipping his hand as far as possible, always stretching arm tightly forward.

How to surf

  • The stop time is when the wave is observed as can push the table. It is recommended to better understand how to surf, play in the sand previously. To do so, we must stand fast with a jump (never kneel and then stand). On rising, distribute your weight on the legs (in a slightly bent position) and keeping the bust leaning forward.

  • The timing of “Take off” is when you manage to take off on a wave. This is the basis of surfing maneuver. Feeling that the wave carries the table, skip to stand and keep the compact weight on the slope. Finally slide to the bottom of the wave and spinning slowly begin to regain the wave and she did not roll over.

Tips & Warnings

  • Observe other surfers to learn different techniques of how to surf more quickly. Pay special attention to the position they adopt their bodies and performing different movements.
  • Choose the correct surfboard. To do this, consult with specialists or experts who practice this sport.
  • It is important to have a fit. The practice of swimming is the best training you can do to be a good surfer. The style crowl help develop the muscles of the shoulders and thus better able to paddle the waves
  • Before entering the sea, a good look around to avoid accidents caused by waves, tides and currents.
  • Respect “message body” surfing is not recommended if symptoms of fatigue or physical exhaustion. It is advisable to rest a few hours or the next day again.
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