How to play basketball

We also called basket is a sport that is practiced in teams and aims to get the ball (especially for this type of sport) in a ring placed three meters high which hangs a network which gives its name to sport. Basketball is played with the hands (never with the feet). Two teams each have five players and seven substitutes. Each player is numbered on his jersey for a number from 4 to 15. It is a very popular sport so usually what everyone wants to learn.

How to play basketball

  1. Players: Each team will consist of no more than twelve players and five of them will be part of the game on the court. The coach may change at any time substitute.
  2. Kickoff: Al initiation places each player from each team in a circle on the dance center’s foot close to the line that differentiates the court into two halves. The others will be outside the circle. The referee raises his ball and players try to pick it pass without a player of his team. There are typically two referees.
  3. Types of players: the base, is the shortest player on offense and the ball goes to the opposite field directing the game all the time, the escort is faster and more agile, forward: balancing strength and shot, and pivot: the player is taller and stronger.
  4. The ball can be thrown in all directions, but with one or two hands. At no time may launch another body part.
  5. Never a player can run with the ball in hand, the need to throw and pass it to a teammate or shoot hoops from the place where you are.
  6. The ball should be held with the hands. The body and arm should never do it, because otherwise we would be making a big kick.
  7. It is considered double when boot the ball with both hands. This is unthinkable in basketball, because the ball always be in contact with one hand.
  8. Not if you can push, grab, hurt and hit an opponent. The first offense is a misdemeanor, but if it happens again the player is disqualified.
  9. If a team makes three consecutive fouls it will automatically point to the opposing team gift (as punishment)
  10. When the ball goes out of bounds on the field will be launched by the team who has not thrown the ball away. And if you doubt the arbitrator will resolve.
  11. Obviously as in all sports, there has to be a winner. In basketball team with the most points scored during the match win.

Tips & Warning

  • Practice a lot in order to get greater flexibility.
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