How to maintain your energy

Eat a snack every now and then is very good for health as it keeps your sugar and energy levels stable throughout the day. This all nutritionists recommend. With two main meals and some snacks every three to four hours you have enough energy to deal with all the energy costs of the day. But if one is passed, and eat too much that’s counterproductive, because the body will demand more energy to digest that huge amount of food.

How to maintain your energy

Among the snacks between meals, it is best to choose foods with fiber, since according to medical studies enter the bloodstream in a quiet and slow, so we get an energy flow that remains stable over time. It recommends eating 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day when almost everyone does not exceed 10 grams.

Staying hydrated

We must not forget that the majority of water from body fluids, including blood. Not drinking enough water makes the heart work and those we forced fatigue. Water also makes the nutrients circulating in our body. As recommended by doctors, to know if we consume enough fluids, it is best to measure how much pee. We should go to the bathroom every two or three hours, and the urine should be light colored or pale yellow. Drinking plenty of water not only has more liquid, juicy fruits can be consumed.

Beware caffeine.

It is advisable to consume more tea varieties as red tea and green tea; every day is discovering more benefits of these infusions. One of them is that it has less caffeine than coffee, but produces more physical energy. These teas contain a substance that activates the brain chemicals which increase the action of the ribs and energy levels.

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