How to hit the tennis ball

Tennis is an exciting sport but it can be very frustrating but there is an appropriate approach in relation to learning and competition. Firstly, you have to assume that mistakes are part of the game, are part of the learning process of the same as well as any other game and anything worth learning. Knowing and minimal locate and / or remove enable us to increase our performance in the game. Then realize that competition has to be with ourselves.

How to hit the tennis ball

The focus on ourselves, to know us better, polishing our mistakes and play at our level. In this way, we achieve a satisfactory metal state that allows us to enjoy the game. We then give a series of basic steps for people who want to start in this sport come to this situation and so can enjoy tennis.


  • The racket must be held in a smooth and relaxed. Not much is neither tighten nor that slip through our hands. The trick knows how to control our muscle tension for the racket moves fluidly. To do this, we have to reduce tension, loosening the grip of the racket, so that, when we begin to rally, we do it gently and then slowly go by modulating the voltage to an optimum intensity for us. What will help the knock up with “thumb”, “medium” and “index”.
  • It is essential to find the so-called “point of contact” for a good shot. This is the racket head is parallel to the grid, and then hit the ball to where you want to shoot, with the vocal line behind the ball. Proceedings, where this boot away, takes the racket back to find the exact point where we leave the head still the same and got ready to hit. But, if the ball bounces around, it has to take the first step towards it, while the shoulders are rotated and throws the racket back.
  • Keep your body stable when running the blow for which it is essential to make your head still. This balance wins and consistency.

Tips & Warnings

  • Comply fully with the path of the ball until it hits you. To do this we recommend trying to read the letters of the ball in order to focus our attention on it.
  • Also keep the attention on the ball, if you look at the contact of the strings with the same.
  • Besides the above, it is advisable to repeat the words mentally
  • Ensure that our movements are coordinated and efficient. So we must control the muscle force applied on every shot.
  • Analyze impact and simplify them for maximum effectiveness of the coup.
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