How to hit the ball in the paddle: Learn to play easily

To start playing paddle, the first thing we need to learn is the throw-off. The same happens in the paddle, the art is more important to hit the ball to the power of it.
To improve the paddle strokes is necessary to develop the proper technique. And it is advisable to follow the correct instructions to assist us in the early stages of the game. Why we spend enough time in training to practice the different styles and techniques of scrimmage. We thus will only be the best players on the track.

How to hit the ball in the paddle


  • To start playing paddle, the first thing to learn is the serve. In the always paddle out from the right side of the track and switching sides will each serve. The serve is crossed and that is correct, the ball must be dropped in the square of the attacking.
  • With feet behind the behind the service line, bounces the ball with the racket and hit it when it is below the waist. Accompanies the movement of the racket so that not a thud.
  • Once you have mastered the kick, another of the techniques used in the paddle is the blow-up. It is a blow whose realization is quite simple. With the racket at the height of the hip, shoulder rotates back and elbow close to the body, hits the ball along the path with the racket.
  • The hit “cut” or “slice” is the most common in the paddle. With this stroke tend to have more control than the plane hit and the ball does not raise much soil. With the blade half open face lifted above the ball, ie instead of going with the flat side must come down with the ball, cutting it. With the stroke got cut or slice the ball down with an effect that will be very difficult to answer for our adversaries.
  • Another blow paddle is used in top-spin or topspin. Requires some control over the movement. It is possibly the least used in the sport, as the effect that catches the ball and makes up to touch the wall raises further, ie cause a higher bounce of the ball and this will make the opponent come to her with more easily. How to hit the topspin stroke is the face of the blade a bit closed and the tip slightly below normal upstroke extending a hand as if we pass over the head of a person starting with the front and ending in the neck. It is critical at the beginning of bending punch below the ball line.
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