How to hit a sack: learn boxing easily! Tricks

Whether for contact sports professionals looking to improve their technique, or amateur sports, hitting a bag is the ideal activity to download our stress and relieve tension. This activity is very simple, but carries a serious risk of injury to our hands and wrists, so it is vital to have adequate protection and follow some simple guidelines for attaining the proper technique. Those who want to start in the beating of the bag and not have the supervision of a trainer understand the issue, should consider a number of issues that we consider below.



  1. First, we must choose the model sack large bags are designed and intended to develop punching power, while the lightest (Speed bag) fit better with those who want to work the speed and reflexes. Due to its characteristics, heavy sacks move less and absorb more shock, because the blows propose here must be deeper and stronger. On the other hand, the lighter sacks help us to better exercise evasive head, improving the speed of our reflexes and strengthen the waist. The weight of the bag shall be a minimum of 50% of the fighter in question, if he wants to be gaining power.
  2. Second, we must choose to protect your hands. Ideally bandaged hands to prevent wrist sprains and regulatory gloves. As the hand gets used to beat and we gain skill, we can replace the gloves mitts to hit specific bag. Later, when we gain experience we go hitting the sack only with bands, but always carefully and are aware of our limitations.
  3. In terms of technique is essential to strike an expert teaching us the gestures in question. Once these, we must practice them until they become almost reflex actions (known as phase stage automation). Are recommended and accurate blows instead of blows with excessive force exerted once done, we must practice it until you have fully perfected. Series are recommended 15-20 minutes a day with protection, combined with distance running to increase our cardiovascular endurance and thus achieve a full year.
  4. Finally, follow a number of basic theories related to body position for attaining a good shot: We must separate your feet slightly apart than the width of the shoulders, and with one foot ahead of the other, depending on the direction of the shot. Keep up the rearmost heel. The legs always remain slightly bent, to gain stability and prevent injury. The hip is also involved in the coup, turning to one side, in the direction of it. The back should remain straight at all times. We must turn the trunk to give more strength to the movement. Shoulders must remain relaxed but firm. Arms and hands must also be relaxed, being essential to the fist is closed, but not tightly. We must avoid messing fist before hitting back to gain momentum, as this gives an idea of where the opponent will head the coup, and allow you to easily dodge.

Tips & Warning

  • This article provides basic tip to get started in the beating of the bag, there is a tutorial. To learn the proper technique is recommended to go to an expert in this field coach.
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