How to hit a punching bag

If you have given a punching bag and do not know how to use it, follow these tips and make the most out of your workouts. Workouts with the punching bag help increase the speed and accuracy of your moves while burning the body fat and tone your muscles.

Boxing sacks are commonly used by boxers to exercise your muscles. Today, both men and women stay fit and discharged tensions with the help of a punching bag and exercises that can be performed very complete.

fighting fit

Generally men who practice martial arts and boxing are used to tone the muscles. However, women often use it to strengthen their physical form.


  • To start it first thing to do is place the correct punching bag to match your eyes. It is very important to pay attention to the height of the bag. Otherwise, the exercises may be less effective.
  • Stand at a safe distance as punching bag and you can bounce it hurts. When you go to practice boxing with sack do not forget to use a pair of gloves or bandages in place to cushion the impact of the coup against the bag, as it is not advisable to hit the punching bag without any protection. Stand in front of the bag and takes warm-especially your back, shoulders and wrists to avoid muscle injury. With the elbow bent at a right angle to hit the sack starts at the bottom with smooth strokes.
  • To begin using only one hand, and slowly add the other hand blows slow and gradual. Use both hands alternately and once you get the proper rhythm, hitting the punching bag with straight and circular punches. Only when you acquire more skill in coordination and rhythm can vary the combinations of punches. He trains in a space of two to three minutes with a minute rest. You can also toggle the above exercises with intervals of one minute of exercise and rest.
  • With the passage of time and practice, your performance is being perfected and must accompany the movement of your hips and your legs while you make the hits wrist and punches. You can alternate punches with kicks.
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