Hamilton wins in the U.S. ahead of Vettel and Alonso

Lewis Hamilton has been made with the victory of the United States Grand Prix. The McLaren driver has completed a very good race having a very good pace and beating Sebastian Vettel on track. The third place went to Fernando Alonso that this position only lost three points to Vettel.

 Hamilton wins in the U.S.

Contrary to what was thought the start was pretty clean and there has been no major incident. Fernando Alonso had a good start and stood at the fourth position behind the two McLaren and Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren has been very fast in the first round and had a chance as overtook Mark Webber, ranking the second position.

Many battles have occurred during the early laps at many points on the grid. Behind Felipe Massa has gone wrong and has earned a position in the early laps to overtake Michael Schumacher and placed in the eighth. Romain Grosjean has made a spin in the third sector of the track and from there began to lose enough positions, probably because the plane had to stop the car.

Having surpassed the pace of Mark Webber Lewis Hamilton has been very good and has cut time Sebastian Vettel, standing at just over a second German driver. A few laps later has left Mark Webber with his car problem, allowing Fernando Alonso placed in the third position? Meanwhile behind his teammate, Felipe Massa, continued beating positions and stood at the fifth position, then marking the fastest lap of the race.

At the pit stop the Spanish rider has had problems with one of the rear tires which made him lose a few seconds, to this must be added the problems warming up the tires in the early laps. Kimi Raikkonen has also had problems in his stop and return to track it has behind Fernando Alonso. The same problems that the Spanish rider has had to heat the tires Felipe Massa wins, that after making his pit stop has left behind Alonso but has been overtaken by Kimi Raikkonen and Ricciardo.

Lewis Hamilton has again put pressure on Sebastian Vettel, becoming in DRS zone, but the German has defended very good downloading entire KERS. But the British driver has not stopped its offensive against German and pressed him lap after lap, until the time has come in which Lewis Hamilton has overcome down the stretch to Sebastian Vettel. In the third place Fernando Alonso remained but thirty seconds of the first two, after Felipe Massa Spanish was rolling to ten seconds and seven of Kimi Raikkonen and Brazilian fighting Jenson Button for fifth place, after a battle very nice and intense the McLaren has won the position.

Sebastian Vettel ahead has maintained a good pace and did not let him escape Lewis Hamilton, keeping the difference with the UK just over a second. This has led to the end of the race, with a creditable victory Lewis Hamilton in which only overtook Vettel in seven tenths. The third place went to Fernando Alonso, still with a chance of winning the championship in Brazil.

The fourth place went to Felipe Massa who has completed a very good race, followed by Jenson Button in fifth. After they have been the two Lotus drivers, followed by Nico Hulkenberg, Pastor Maldonad and Bruno Senna, who completed the top ten of the race.

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