GSP retains his title!

The third round had barely started and Georges St-Pierre was in disorder. Shaken by a kick that came from him touching the right temple, the champion was in waters he had not visited since he had lost his belt five years earlier at the hands of Matt Serra.

Georges St-Pierre

Suddenly, questions to which he had to reply since the announcement of his return and the answers he had repeated wanted more say anything. Carlos Condit could feel the glory and GSP was too busy to survive.

And he survived

His face is bruised, but its status is intact. St-Pierre is still, and perhaps more assertive than ever, way on the UFC welterweight division. Quebec already celebrated more convincing victories, but the circumstances surrounding his seventh consecutive defense make it one of his most impressive performances in recent years.

“People talk to me of rust… I now know what it is, said St-Pierre immediately after winning.”. I give all the credit to Carlos; he gave me the hardest fight of my career. »

Judges promoted unanimously the pride of St-Isidore (50-45, 50-45, 49-46), but their work failed to be of no use. When St-Pierre ended up on his back in the third round, was to add the stamps on the box that would carry his belt in New Mexico.

“I’ve never seen the kick, admitted St-Pierre. I had cashed in the previous round punch and my vision was a little blurry. There is nothing more dangerous than what is not. »

A clear strategy, a tenacious midshipman

St-Pierre has quickly regained its brands. After 100 exploratory seconds in the first round, he tried and succeeded – after a considerable effort – his first brought to the ground and was a minute later in the Mount of Condit.

St-Pierre then became aware that a Condit on the back was far from being a beat Condit. Even topped by the crowd favorite, the American has ceased to activate her legs looking for a quote and to aim for the face of her attacker with the tip of his elbows. This aggression would characterize Condit work throughout the fight.

‘Rush’ began the second round with two sparkling shots of feet that have split the air before launching a combination that allowed him to hit with a good right. Condit has however never stopped moving forward, throwing his fists forward without too much worry about the percentage.

With two minutes to make the round, St-Pierre caught a kick from Condit and easily led him to the ground, where he was able to take advantage of the continuous movement of its prey down by heavy bricks by ground and pound. Condit finally up, making it more visible to the extent of the blood covering his face.

After surviving a nearly fatal in the third charge, St-Pierre is identified with a mark of scarlet vulnerability under the right eye. The armor was pierced, the war started. St-Pierre has completed the round in force, convincing even two judges to note the round on his side.

The history of the fourth round was written down that St-Pierre brought Condit in a position that became familiar. Did the visitor forces for the final act? Natural Born Killer never thought to raising the white flag, but when the Québécois plated it to the mat for the last time while there was a little more than two minutes to sell, the hourglass is quickly emptied.

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