Good departure for Djokovic and Murray

LONDON – Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray began their victorious Masters on Monday in London, and took a first option on qualification for the semi-finals in a hen extremely relieved. The Serb dominated the French Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in straight sets 7 -6 (7/4), 6-3 in the evening. Opening, the British had much more difficult to face Czech Tomas Berdych, beaten in three sets 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. The world No. 1 has been severely buffeted early in the game by Tsonga seemed well in legs.

Novak Djokovic

Finalist last year has missed the boat in the first round; he lost the tiebreaker after having three opportunities to break in three different games. On one of them, the seventh game, passing, that could change the face of the game was released a few centimeters into the hallway. Serbian The game was tight in the tiebreaker, where n ‘ has not lost a single point on his serve. In the second set, Djokovic broke input and has not been bothered by the following, giving up only two points out of 18 when he was in service. Impressive late in the game from the baseline, the Serbian found on a second break.


This was the fifth time that the two men clashed this season on four different surfaces, always with the same result, the final victory of the Serbian French back to almost three years in quarterfinals Australian Open 2010. Andy Murray overcame him a false start before winning against Berdych. Briton has complicated life by releasing five break points early in the game against a player which has often caused problems with his great service in the past.

The Czech was leading 4-3 in their duels before Monday’s game. Conducted 1 set to 0, Murray still had to remove three break points at the beginning of the second set, before taking the initiative in the game “assaulting” Berdych on his second shot and raising himself to your service. The Czech world No. 6, had missed his chance. Following its successful first break to lead 3-1, the Scot, more than ever expected in London after his success at the Olympics and International United States, has mastered about it from the baseline without offering any opportunity to breakage.

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