Frank Schleck, sanctioned for doping

There are still a few months to start the 2013 Tour de France , but we know a cyclist who is not going to be in the French race, and not just because they want to or not in his plans for the season … It’s Frank Schleck . The rider’s Radioshack-Leopard, the largest of the more famous brothers Luxembourg, has been sentenced to one year suspension for doping, and that would be impossible in the next Tour.

Recap. In the last Tour de France, the Luxembourg rider underwent a doping test after completion of the thirteenth stage, finishing in Cap d’Agde. Two days later, it became known that this control yielded a positive result in Xipamide, a diuretic, so Frank Schleck was the suitcase and left the race. And so far, there has been more news about your case.

Frank Schleck

So far it has been known that the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency has decided to sanction the rider with a year. Schleck, who has not competed since he got off the bike in the Tour de France, you cannot return to the road in competition until the day July 15, 2013Provided clear thrive no possible claims that a good insurance to remove the rider lodged this penalty off.

And it is that Schleck has not accepted willingly his sanction, much less. Although not expressly stated that it will submit claims if declared himself “disappointed” by a punishment “severe” and that did not consume anything intentionally. So positive was because his “involuntary” and because he never had problems with doping so far, the rider of 32 years believes it has arguments to emerge unscathed from this problem.

But beware because the regulation says that the penalty for such positive diuretic, a substance masking calls, must be two years so it is not surprising, and would receive, the AMA claimed to CAS and that, like that in the event counter , is punished accordingly. In that case, Schleck could not save the season with the Tour of Spain 2013 and had to go back to July 2014, and at 34, after two years standing.

So that it seems almost the best thing that can happen to Frank Schleck is designed to avoid many difficulties and adhere to sanction, because if the AMA involved may lose out . If this happens, not only would a hard stick to the rider, but also for his team, Radioshack-Leopard, accumulating failures and bad news after another.

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