European women’s handball 2012: second win against Croatia

With the decline of Veronica Cuadrado, with low Macarena Aguilar and Marta Mangue doubt, Spain faced its second match at the European women’s handball before the selection of Croatia. A Croatian yesterday expired by only 1 goal against Hungary, which was considered rival stronger, so the game against the Balkan is seemed much harder than it, seemed at first.

Croacia spain

However, the Warriors have given the C’s and have embroidered a game much more complete than yesterday against Germany to Croatia to win by a score of 25-21. With this second victory, and with +7 in his favor in the goal average, the team led by Jorge Duenas has already secured a spot in the next round, but there you go for the win tomorrow because these results are carried forward to the next round.

The game started at a furious pace and with many alternatives. Both teams were very comfortable playing on the counterattack, with Zara Basic by Carmen Martin Croatian side and the Spanish side as best stilettos. A partial 3-0 in favor of the Spanish team, while trailing 5-6, gave the first serious lead to one of the two contenders, becoming of 3 goals thanks to Vanessa Amoros both before halftime.

However, the 13-10 with the costumes we went to was passed by 13 equals very beginning of the second half. When it seemed that Croatia would make things very complicated, and Spain outnumbered by an exclusion of Marta Mangue, Spain managed to open differences and returned to a level above three goals. With the return to track Mangue would only certify their dominance over the opponent.

The Pantera Mangue would throw the team on his back, playing and solving rightly many one on one against a Croatian began to feel the play a faster pace than they are accustomed. Still, the Croats came to resolve this difference of three goals but could not reverse a new part of Spain that came when the Warriors enjoyed a double superiority in their favor.

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