European women’s handball 2012: Spain beating Germany debut

He began the European women’s handball for Spain, and like all debuts in this type of party, today’s match of our favorite Warriors against Germany was not easy. There was much equal, except in the discretion of the Danish collegiate reached out of their boxes to Spanish coach Jorge Duenas, Spain but finally managed to break the game in the final minutes and won by a margin of three goals.

Germany spain

Equality was such that partial to one team or another were not greater than 2-0, and the maximum income of the party that got German and Spanish were not greater than two goals. In the first half, the high effectiveness of the Spanish attack and Silvia Navarro stops given command on the scoreboard to Spain yet accumulated many losses, so never escape.

The lateral Steinbach was facilities and was a nightmare to ours, but so did Carmen Martin on the other hand, as the Spanish player was very effective and did not miss a shot, not even 7 meters. In the end, Spain was going to break sending by 1 goal but with bad news because Marta Mangue had physical problems and retired limping Veronica Cuadrado track.

In the second half, and after a controversial exclusion of a new Spanish player, Germany finally got his income from two goals scored. It was the moment in which he painted the party worse for Spain, and yet it was the time when he began to decide in their favor. Because from there, with the score at 18-16, the Germans would take 12 minutes without scoring a well, a crisis that was not to be wasted.

Before this debacle German attack, Spain took the opportunity to drive a partial 5-0. Of course, Spain had a hard time reaching that record fifth goal that gave the +3 on the scoreboard, and when he did, Germany ended its losing streak. Thus, the final minutes were presented with some uncertainty, but excluding the Teutonic side paved the way and avoided suffering.

So first game and first win for the girls who directs Jorge Duenas one final score 23-20, giving it three goals scored in the goal average in these short matches is also important.

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