Endesa ACB League 2012-2013: The Barcelona falls back on Gran Canaria

Regal FC Barcelona suffered their fifth loss of the year after falling in the Herbalife home Gran Canaria, a result that has been repeated in the last six seasons. Thus the canaries are secured in the fight for second place with Valencia and Caja Laboral, pending results of a pothole Real Madrid, who remains undefeated, ensuring participation in the Cup

Endesa ACB League 2012-2013

The Real Madrid signing mathematically its presence in the Cup after Blusens Monbus subdue home in an encounter in which the whites were more than the score shows. The success of Rudy and Carroll, who scored 16 points each, joined the great game offered by the Madridistas base pair, where Llull went to 22 points, making useless the match of Levon Kendall for Obradoiro. So the Real Madrid gets his twelfth win of the season, with virtually no team would have coughed up so far.

Second place is shared between Valencia, Gran Canaria and Caja Laboral . The latter defeated Bilbao Basket in a Basque derby with an agonizing end to the locals that came from the hand of Lamont Hamilton tracing a 11-point lead team Zan Tabak , in which the question Nocioni became a key figure from the free throw line in the last minute.

For its part, the Herbalife Gran Canaria defeated for the seventh time in the last eight years at FC Barcelona in the Island Sports Center. Spencer Nelson, MVP of the day, gave an example of dedication and fighting spirit, spurring his own with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Barca defense Bad powerful outside shot at the Catalans yellow dogged throughout the game.

The Valencia Basket smashed to Fiatc Joventut from the first quarter. The Levantine came with a gear and were able to hold thanks Doellman Kelati and Justin, who passed the twenty points.

Little movement in the middle of the table, where CAI Zaragoza confirmed his good form in the best league start in their history by defeating Unicaja unstable due the constant Henk Norel, which reached 26 valuation . It compresses the table and the defeats of Malaga, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valladolid, Obradoiro and Students.

In the lower positions the CB Canarias seems detached from hell after the bad start. Against Valladolid added their fourth victory, grounded in Levi Rost and Jakim Donaldson and become the team that separates the tranquility of posts concern where Lagun Aro and Manresa still occupy the descent.


  • CB Canarias – White Wheel 74-68
  • CAI Zaragoza – Unicaja 82-64
  • UCAM Murcia – Assignia Manresa 95-80
  • Caja Laboral – Bilbao Basket 81-80
  • Mad Croc Fuenlabrada – Students 70-63
  • Cajasol – Lagun Aro 73-57
  • Valencia Basket – Fiatc Joventut 107-75
  • Blusens Monbus – Real Madrid 87-97
  • Herbalife Gran Canaria – Regal FC Barcelona 81-69
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