Cucharrera, Gimenez, Melian, Lopez and Hernandez, SM Champions 2012

The last weekend was held the last meeting of 2012 on Albaida Ces Motard, Valencia, so we have to Supermoto Champions Spain in their respective categories, with the most exciting this year in each of the five races that have played in Villena, Lleida, Burgos, and Albaida Alcarras.

SM Champions 2012

Excitement was high in this last quotation, as at least two drivers in each category title came with options, specifically SM Open Cucharrera and Israel were Francesc Ladder applicants and better positioned for the title, but finally Cucha has been the crown 2012, in part because we could see this fight end because of an injury to Israel, who was injured in the Supermoto of Nations on 6 October in Portimao.

With this injury Escalera, was directly Cucha champion, but despite this the KTM has given up and has led both races on the track of SM Open Valencia, demonstrating how good a driver he is and how well your bike does.

In SMPromesas David Gimenez and Alejandro Jover came with options, getting the win in the first leg from Alicante, enduring the onslaught of Gimenez as he could. While in the second set, Jover has gone down in the first round and is out of options, Gimenez proclaimed champion after a temporadon 2012 in this category.

The two sets of SMA30 SM Aficionados and have been very exciting since both Abel and Isaac Cliville Melian in SMA as Ford Mathew Lopez Joan Dun and SMA30 were playing it all. Finally was the canary that got the title after victory in both races. In SMA30 was for Joan Lopez. In SM Road, applicants were Quique Hernandez and JoseeManuel Esteve, finally being Her-Mobile Competition, who has managed to become champion, after scoring the second position in the race.

The test also involved the small 65cc and 85cc Minimotard Championship Valencian Community to being the race for Alejandro Ruiz Carranza, followed by Hector Garzo second and third by Josie Garcia.

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