CR7 Mourinho and Manchester United … is it possible?

The British press refers to the two possible landing of Portuguese in the Premier League in the near future. Is it feasible?

Can you imagine Jose Mourinho heading to Manchester United? How about wearing Cristiano Ronaldo, again, red devil? The English press yes it does and today rumors resurface that put the two Portuguese at Old Trafford.

CR7 Mourinho

Explains the daily Mundo Deportivo, referring to the British media, Sir Alex Ferguson would have expected to retire this summer and pretend to give his witness Portuguese coach. This, in turn, has never denied his interest in returning to the Premier and now could realize his desire leading a team of posh and options continue extending its curriculum titles.

Furthermore, their orders could have a crack world knows well: Cristiano Ronaldo. Recently it was reported that the Portuguese winger was again sad at the White House by the attitude taken by Real Madrid after the elbow he received from David Navarro (CR7 intended, apparently, that the directive came out publicly to denounce Madrid forcefully the issue) and suggested that the Portuguese was interested in finding a new computer that feel more valued. No doubt that this combination could be the Manchester United, but the English club appears to have economic potential enough to get him back.

In fact, Alex Ferguson confirmed a couple of days ago:

We’re talking about an incredible amount of money now. Definitely cannot buy while you are at its best

The British media, however, argue that the words of the Scottish born of a strategy to mislead. If so, in any case, Ferguson CR7 lied when he said it costs an “incredible amount of money.” See if they can afford it at Old Trafford…

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