Choosing skis: Steps to ascertain possible

Now that winter comes and the snow is very common for people to make their trips to the snow for skiing, both those who know and those who do not ski, the question is have some fun in addition to the fun it provides. In the market there are plenty of ski models and prices that will go crazy if you do not know the specifications must have a ski, everything will depend on the person and the use to be made thereof. All skis are made with titanium or aluminum and wood at its core allowing absorb ground vibrations. Below is a series of instructions for how to choose skis the best way possible, will have to take into account the weight, height of the person and the where you will use your skis.

Choosing skis


  1. You have to take into account your weight and height; skiing must have the same high  that you.
  2. Take into account the knowledge you have ski, if beginner, intermediate or expert.
  3. Besides the utility you want to give, whether it’s for mountain tracks or outside them.
  4. The skis for beginners are always wider and more homogeneous. To make them more stable.
  5. The average level skis is more reinforced on the sides and a more complex constitution, is perfectly the difference in the tip and tail of the ski.
  6. you’re more sensitive about the completion of the swing and gain more speed than the beginner.
  7. Skis are suitable for walking all over the mountain and especially recommended for those skiers who are starting to make their practices backcountry.
  8. The expert level skis are suitable for skiers to reach for higher speed and that usually ride all over the mountain, composed of titanium plates in the tail and the spatula and the kernel is the main component of wood, responsible for absorbing vibrations.
  9. The skis bring indicates at the end of spatula, normally tend to bring 3 steps, the first, which is on the top refers to the size of the spatula, the half of the core and the latter refers to the size of the queue

Tips & Warning:

  • It is recommended that beginner skis are not too long, to facilitate handling.
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