Choosing rollers: Tips for a good buy

Upon choosing new rollers should keep in mind itself different aspects. The most important thing is to know that for the last long rollers need an investment fair. Hence it is not advisable to give in to the urge and appearances and always seeing if the various options and to take the help of the people doing this activity.

roller skates


  • First step is to know which brands are recommended, among people engaged in this type of activity preferences.
  • These marks ensure that your investment is good, with good wheels and comfortable boots.
  • Prices when compared to cheaper rollers are higher but at least it must change their set of wheels in a second time you use them, this game costs on average 300 weights.
  • Secondly you need to know how much money you should invest, always remember that cheap can be expensive, so do not think you’ll find a good roller for less than 500 weights.
  • If you do not have much money to invest and can not in any way to buy a roller of the aforementioned brands, it is better to purchase a pair of used to acquire brands that last bit.
  • Among the brands that people do not recommend these activities can be found: Daiwa, 2XS, Action Line, Two In Line, EZLife, Cougar, Kore, In Line Gang, Kappa and Diadora, these brands until you can have a good result, but also a matter of luck for the wheels last long in general, the boots can be easily broken, no rolling bearings and comfort both not good, which can serve for a beginner, but if you want something more, will to purchase another soon.
  • One important thing is to know how to choose the size, always try them and clear them should be fair but neither too loose nor too tight, and being comfortable in your feet, ankles and squeezing ¨ ¨ dancing.
  • And finally, it is important to know what kind of agree rollers so you can change the type of discipline you want to make, if a beginner and have not yet clear in which you want to enter, it is recommended to opt for inline skates or type Freeskate Fitness, as they are in most multipurpose.
  • The Fitness type rollers have a frame (which is supported by the wheels) usually longer and sometimes also the wheels are older, it is possible to achieve more speed with less energy.
  • Freeskate and rollers are an intermediate category between Fitness and aggressive, with a shorter frame, reinforced with smaller wheels so it is possible to maneuver in jumps and turns, with a greater impact resistance.
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