Champions League 2012-2013: Ties between Real Madrid – Manchester United and Shakhtar – Borussia

Madrid United

Great night of football at the Santiago Bernabeu, but not great result for Real Madrid, who will have to win at Old Trafford (or draw by more than one goal) to advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League . Because Manchester United scraped a 1-1, probably wanted Ferguson, seen the team approach, rather closed back for most of the match.

With much respect left for United on the pitch and still be ahead on the scoreboard, in a corner where Welbeck was ahead of Sergio Ramos and Diego Lopez. That came after 20 minutes, but the advantage of the British lasted only 10 minutes, because the half-hour mark Ronaldo equalized, who else. The goal of the Portuguese head forever suspended in the air, is to recreate it.

Madrid United

The feeling that we left the party was that anyone could have won as both teams enjoyed very clear chances, but with a difference: the Real Madrid and Manchester came much arrived shortly. The reds devils took very little to create trouble, while those of Mou, although much shot, they saw more stuck especially at the end they found no holes before a United very close.

Xabi Alonso saved a goal in goal and Diego Lopez saved a shot from Van Persie in injury. At the other end, David De Gea stops responded to criticism that showered him in England. And so the score stood at 1-1, United’s friendly face around at Old Trafford, but with the feeling that Madrid is over and that can and should be left in the gutter to United.

If in Madrid there were tables, in Donetsk (Ukraine) also. Shakhtar played there and Borussia Dortmund and the end result was a 2-2 game. Great marker for Jurgen Klopp’s team face the second leg to play in Germany, and great result as the match went, as Shakhtar dominated and match Borussia touched the contest twice.

At first, the best chances were for the German team and Hummels could overtake his, but his shot crashed into the pole. But in the end that broke the deadlock was Croatia’s Srna, making it 1-0 for Shakhtar to the half-hour mark. Before the break, and when the team better estapa Ukrainian striker Lewandowski scored the tying goal, but not fortune.

Shakhtar came out much stronger in the second half and in the 68th minute, the Brazilian Douglas Costa, who had come shortly before, beating with a good shot to Weidefenller. Time was running out and the 2-1 seemed as Demba thing done in the Stadium, but finally, in 87 in a move set pieces tied the Dortmund. The defender Hummels scored the final goal.

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