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Tips for volleyball practice

Volleyball is a popular sport played in gyms, on the lawn and the beach. Volleyball seems very simple at first sight: all you have to do is hit the ball over the net where your opponent can’t reach it. Play volleyball, however, soon teaches you that there are strategies and complex skills needed to succeed. This is the reason why the practice is extremely important for competitive volleyball players.


Volleyball is a sport in which the repetition is the key to success. As a volleyball player, you’ll know when a stuck “feels good” as soon as it hit and know that your opponents will not return it. This is because that the muscles are trained on how to do a skill by repetition.


Find the right swing of the arm is through the practice of your movements of stuck dozens of times a day to have someone throwing the ball towards you on the network. Serve is similar; you can take the realization of hundreds of kicks with a certain style of service until it becomes natural and successful. It takes practice to be successful in volleyball at the same time that you learn good habits with the positioning, muscle control and reactions on the Court. Read more »

Tips for learning how to play Volleyball

When one wants to learn to play Volley Ball, we equip properly, while maintaining excellent physical condition before entering the preparatory phase.
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To learn to play Volley Ball, the equipment will be essential, as training and maintaining your fitness.
These two factors are necessary to start learning actions, which will lead to the complete mastery of the sport, what Volley Ball.

how to play Volleyball

Good bases

Learn to play Volleyball requires to acquire a solid foundation needed to learn technical gestures. Material to an understanding of the game, these bases are also physical preparation. Read more »


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