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How to hit a soccer ball: Steps to improve

With this guide you can learn, improve or perfect their technique of striking a football. Simply you have a desire to learn, nothing more, is simple to learn with the daily record. Start hitting the ball in any way, without any technical up to hit the ball in a masterful, instep, with the interior, the exterior, or threaded end, with plenty of power, seeking placement … Sounds good, does not it? Well get ready to learn, contact the appropriate sports equipment (soccer shoes) and later. I recommend that once learned the methods that will be discussed below, perform consistently for weeks, since the technique is learned to work every day, not at the time.

hit a soccer ball


  1. First, to start training I recommend suitable clothing and footwear and make such training outdoors on soccer fields in the park, lawn, ground, asphalt or sports centers in your city. Choose footwear optimal for the chosen surface for training (SPIKES in normal or grass land, multi-stud shoe on artificial turf, rubber soled shoes or futsal sports centers asphalt or rubber). After that, make a slight warming and after that, go ahead.
  2. Be the first contact with the ball, move with it, mash it, and when you want, tap it. The first hit is free, do so as you want. Do this first exercise as many times as you like, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and acclimate to the ball?
  3. After the first contact, the interesting thing begins. We explain how to make a simple and easy as hitting is hitting with the inside. Follow these steps: First, face the ball. After that, go to the ball with the intention of hitting him. When you go to hit the ball, do it with the inside of his boot. Do it first with little intensity to go making this shot, this intensity increases gradually if the results are optimal.
  4. Now I will explain how to make a hit instep. Follow the steps below. Face the ball and advance towards him with the intention of hitting him. When you hit the ball, place the right foot and strike down using the instep. Do this as many times as needed, gradually improve the scrimmage.
  5. The next hit will teach you the beating outside. Face the ball and go to him with the intention of hitting him. When you go to hit the ball, do it with the outside of his boot. Do it first with little intensity to go making this shot, this intensity increases gradually if the results are optimal. Do not worry if at first struck with this technique is quite loose, is normal. Over time and with practice, you will achieve optimal launch abroad.
  6. Once explained the three beatings simpler, we will explain how to make a hit ceiling, using any of the techniques already described. It’s simple to hit ceiling, when you go to hit, put your body forward, ie the head and trunk in front of the legs and face down. Try and repeat as many times as you want.
  7. After beating satin, will explain the inverse, beating high with any technique (interior, exterior, instep). It is the opposite of scrimmage satin. At the time you go to hit, put your body back, that is, his head and torso behind the legs and goal oriented upward and the foot under the ball. Try and repeat as many times as you want.
  8. With these steps, and with practice, you can make any of these shots without any problem. After that, and if you want to keep improving, keep going. Now I will explain how to hit you choose for each moment.
  9. For seeking placement of the ball, use the technique of hitting with the inside or outside (this technique requires greater precision). If you’re after a beating strong, powerful, violent aside placement, use the technique of hitting the ball.
  10. After this, I will explain how to hit another widely used in futsal. The toe hit. Not very aesthetic but can be quite effective. Beating is downright simple. At the time of hitting the ball, hit the tip or toe of his boot, that is, with your fingers. The benefits of this technique are that for goalkeepers is a nightmare because of its difficulty to guess where the shot will and the surprise is for those players.
  11. Following this simple manual on the soccer ball hit, I recommend that you train regularly and watch these beatings gradually have positive effects for you.

How to become a good football player?

Football is a team sport. A game you choose therefore mainly by a solid team play. Nevertheless, a football team has to rely on leading players. Just a really good football player is able to lead a team and to set a course. A good player is a team player, he is also due to be individually outstanding potential each time a gain for his team. A really good football player is indispensable for his team.

soccer player

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The team spirit is essential for a good football player

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Tips for a soccer goalkeeper

The goalie in soccer is the only player who can take the ball during the game in hand. He is responsible for ensuring that the striker of the opposing football team score a goal, if that’s defense should fail. Here I have compiled you important tips for a soccer goalie, which allows you can keep one or two extra ball in play.

Tips that should a soccer goalie


Full concentration

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How to steal the ball at an opponent in football

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You need:

  • Ball
  • An opponent

How to steal the ball

  • The first thing that a defender of a football team should do when he is encounter an opponent with the ball at his feet is stalling, that one should never throw the ball recklessly because doing so makes it easier to dribble the opponent, but rather you have to stand in front of attacker waiting for the best time to steal the ball, it is also important that you should always try to watch the movements of the ball and not those of the opponent’s legs, to avoid fall in some of his pretended to dribbling.
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