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What Sets Heli Skiing Apart From Other Winter Sports? Find Out More!

The scenery is simply amazing. As far as the eye can see, the white powder that covers the mountain is unspoiled by any trace of civilization. As you glance down the tree dotted landscape you realize that the perfect winter adventure is about to begin. As you take in the spectacular terrain surrounded by Mount Waddington, you remember that this unspoiled winter paradise has formed the backdrop for a number of motion pictures. This “Mystery Mountain” was first discovered in 1925 but seems as if it were preserved just for you.

You are heli skiing – a unique opportunity for adventure and excitement on exclusive terrain. This adventure may not be for the novice skier, but no special techniques are required. Your party of four and your guide are deposited in this remote area in British Columbia because of your desire for a skiing experience that is like no other.


You chose the famed Pantheon Ranch in Canada where you and three other friends have been deposited for a heli skiing adventure. Your standard set of all-mountain skis should do just fine for this excursion. Goggles, layered clothing, gloves and safety gear are all set and you are ready to go. Ever since Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser started his skiing expeditions in nearby Bugaboo Mountains 50 years ago, this tourism adventure has been a major item on the bucket list of life for many adventurous travelers.

Securing an experienced guide with knowledge of the terrain, plus the year-round weather and mountain conditions, along with any necessary survival skills, was one of the best pluses included in this vacation package. It’s also great to know that your guide meets the standards set by the Canadian Ski Guide Association and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Having opted for a winter time trip, the deep, smooth condition of the snow makes for great ski conditions. And even though “adventure” is the word for this trip, traveling with an experienced guide ensures it’s also a safe one. Booking with Bella Coola Heli Sports helps to ensure your guides are highly trained and certified, not to mention the fact that it gives you access to the “Magnificent 7” association of luxury resorts and lodges, helping you make every aspect of your trip unique and thrilling.

Unlike the crowded ski resorts in Vail, this Canadian heli skiing experience was created to allow you and your friends the exclusivity and freedom that this grand wilderness creates. Skiing is the order of the day and each one of those days your helicopter will deposit you on locations that will outdo the previous slope each time.

The heli skiing in Canada experience is an unforgettable opportunity to experience the great outdoors on a grand scale. These Canadian ski runs offer challenges, beauty, and freedom. For the skiing adventurer looking for that amazing, unnamable “something” to help them make memories they’ll cherish forever, heli skiing in Canada is the only sport to try.

Learn Why Heli Skiing Is Becoming So Popular

One of the world’s fastest emerging winter sports is heli skiing. Heli skiing allows skiers to reach the uppermost heights of the mountains by way of helicopter. Once the skiers are near the mountain summit, they take on the untouched light and dry powdery snow with ease. Few skiers venture to such heights, making this high altitude snow ideal for carving.

Helicopter skiing has been around for over fifty years, yet it hasn’t reached a tipping point until the past decade. The mainstream is quickly catching on to the benefits of the sport. It isn’t exactly an “extreme” sport because even novice skiers can participate in heli skiing. There are some wild ski paths with sharp turns and heart racing descents but there are also beginner’s slopes high up in the mountains. Your heli skiing group (usually 4 or less) can be a mixture of experienced daredevils and cautious newbies. Everyone will be able to enjoy themselves, and you can stop by to start planning your big trip.


The main draw of heli skiing is the adrenaline rush achieved as you glide down the mountain side, unimpeded, at a fast rate of speed. The operative words are unimpeded and speed. You’ll be able to zoom down the mountain with confidence because only you and your small group will be taking on this specially designated part of the mountain. Think about the normally crowded slopes of a conventional ski resort. Consider how careful you have to be when skiing such a slope in order to avoid the masses of humanity. This concern won’t be on your mind when you heli ski. It’s just you and the easy to carve mountain snow. This is exactly how skiing was meant to be. There’s no wait for a ski lift when you heli ski. Your professional helicopter pilot brings you and your group towards the mountain peak with no wait and no lines.

Much of the sport’s appeal is found in the stunning beauty of the outdoors. Heli skiing isn’t necessarily about enjoying the ride to the bottom of the hill. Much of the thrill is experienced as a tourist. You don’t get to take a helicopter ride everyday. You rarely get to take in the world from a snow covered mountain top. You’ll reach heights that normal skiers can only see with binoculars. This means access to a pristine natural environment that is relatively untouched. Many heli skiers will spend a good chunk of time observing their surroundings after being dropped off by helicopter. Be sure to bring a small digital camera or your smartphone in order to take some snapshots of the gorgeous scenery. You’ll feel on top of the world in a figurative sense while nearly being there in a literal sense.

Choosing skis: Steps to ascertain possible

Now that winter comes and the snow is very common for people to make their trips to the snow for skiing, both those who know and those who do not ski, the question is have some fun in addition to the fun it provides. In the market there are plenty of ski models and prices that will go crazy if you do not know the specifications must have a ski, everything will depend on the person and the use to be made thereof. All skis are made with titanium or aluminum and wood at its core allowing absorb ground vibrations. Below is a series of instructions for how to choose skis the best way possible, will have to take into account the weight, height of the person and the where you will use your skis.

Choosing skis


  1. You have to take into account your weight and height; skiing must have the same high  that you.
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