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Common Ankle Injuries and Treatments

You may think that most ankle injuries are caused by athletes with a sports injury, and while this is true a lot of the time, ankle injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. Simply walking on uneven surfaces or accidentally turning your ankle as you walk can cause severe pain that requires treatment. In fact, over 25,000 people injure their ankles in the United States every single day, with more than a million people visiting the emergency room each year for ankle pain and injury. It’s no wonder that it is so common, with how complicated the ankle and the foot is as a whole.

Here is a quick guide to several of the various types of ankle injuries, along with some information on the best ways to treat them. Since everyone’s ankles and injuries will be slightly different, it’s best to speak with your doctor about the best treatments and options available to you.


A sprained ankle is the term given when ligaments become damaged from being stretched too far out of their normal range. These ligament sprains can occur from one single tear or rupture to the entire ligament or many miniscule tears to the fibers.

Depending on the severity of the sprain, it may be able to heal quickly or it may cause pain and turmoil for much longer. To treat a simple sprain, wear a protective brace, give the ankle plenty of rest by sitting or using crutches, and apply an ice pack for the first couple days until the swelling is reduced.


A fracture is essentially a break in one of the bones of the ankle. These tend to be extremely painful and can be quite severe. You may need to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect a fracture in your foot.

While you wait for professional medical attention, you can treat a fracture by controlling the bleeding if there is any, raising the ankle and avoiding putting any weight or pressure on it. You may also want to apply ice to the injured area until further medical assistance is available. Do not try to push protruding bones back into place.


Not to be confused with a sprain, a strain is caused when the muscles or tendons in the ankle are stretched or pulled too far and cause damage. There are two tendons that are often strained in the ankles, the peroneal tendons, which help to protect and stabilize the ankle.

If you need treatment for a strain in your ankle, then the first step is to avoid walking on it. Give the ankle plenty of rest and immobilization, perhaps even with a cast or splint. Take over the counter pain relievers and talk to your doctor about physical therapy options. Depending on the severity of the strain, surgery can sometimes be necessary.

Ankle injuries can cause a lot of undue pain and suffering, and some may never fully heal correctly. It is important to explore all options before making any kind of medical decision regarding your bone health.

Tips to avoid sports injuries

The knees, ankles, shoulders and wrists are the most exposed to injury joints. With the increase in amateur sport has increased the number of conditions so it is necessary to establish a set of minimum standards that help us avoid and prevent injury and disease.

- Prior medical Control: You need to perform safely sport so it is important to perform checks and stress tests , especially if we overcome 35 years of age.

avoid sports injuries

- Preheating: It is essential that the body be prepared moments before exercise for 15-20 minutes. Thus, in addition to warm the muscles, prepare for exercise and coordination and cardiovascular response is improved. Read more »

Falcao could miss the 2014 Brazil World Cup through injury

The worst thing that can happen to a player is to suffer a serious injury, the kind that you depart several months of the pitch and make for the rest of the career. Posts to loop the loop, in negative terms, is even worse if it happens before a big competition, such as a World Cup you’ve been fighting for your selection two years to be there.

Striker Radamel Falcao Garcia is one of those players who has had this double misfortune, the severity of injury and do a few months before it was to be his first World Cup. To make matters worse, Falcao was injured in a Cup match against an opponent of much lower category, Chasselay after an ugly and tackle a defender whose name Soner Ertek, has become the most sounded in France and Colombia.


Displaying the first reaction of the player, his teammates, and physicians, and feared the worst. Bad forecasts were confirmed after the first medical examinations, although the player is looking at Oporto a second opinion. Just to hold on to not hear the fatal news that his left knee is a torn ligament and to expect more than six months out, enough to say goodbye to Brazil 2014. Read more »

How to treat elbow tendinitis

Tendonitis or tennis elbow is one of the most common muscle injuries among the population. In cases that are more painful the best solution is to consult a doctor to recommend us the most appropriate treatment.

However, there are some simple tips that you can make yourself at home and to help you treat tendonitis, and to reduce discomfort. Look…

elbow tendinitis

Rest and ice for pain relief

Experts recommend we rest as one of the best solutions to the pain caused by tendonitis. So if your discomfort is caused by sport, you better try with other physical activity like swimming, that will help to cure this trouble. Read more »

Andy Murray will go through surgery and will miss the rest of season

A tennis season still has very important appointments before the holidays and in them, we miss to Andy Murray, one of the best players on the circuit. Back problems of British tennis player forced him to stop to go through surgery, so we will not ever see him on the tracks until the beginning of the 2014 season.

Murray has played all season with these problems, for example, made him give up the Roland Garros tournament.

Andy Murray

Rest and came well to conservative treatment Scot who failed to win Wimbledon but their results in the American tour were worse than in previous years and in the U.S. Open ended in the quarterfinals against Wawrinka eliminated. Read more »

Benefits of spinning

Have you practiced the spinning sometime? If so, you might know the countless benefits of this modality to get in shape that takes full advantage of the bike.

Cycling is an exercise cardiovascular excellent, as well as being fun, it’s one of the most complete sport, which involves working most muscle groups. Therefore, it is very advisable to use as a vehicle to cover certain distances, as an exercise in leisure time, as a sport or workout. But focusing on the spinning, what are its benefits?

benefits of spinning for runners

Strengthen and tone the lower body

First, we must take into account that the practice of this sport can strengthen and tone the train less, achieving legs and buttocks muscles stronger. Read more »

How to avoid muscle injuries in football

Football is a sport that causes many injuries if not done with proper physical training. However, the players are prepared very little compared to other athletes. Muscle problems are almost always the cause of poor heating. This article is intended to emphasize optimize physical preparation of the players in order to avoid injury is.

The end of the season is approaching and gradually interest in football grows back. This is the sport that has more practitioners in our country, with a total of half a million registered football players. However, contrary to what you might think, despite its popularity, football is a sport that causes a significant number of injuries. This risk increases if practiced precisely in competition without proper physical training base.

leg muscles injuries

Muscle problems are often the result of insufficient heating pregame and overexertion. These conditions reach a variety, from a localized contracture of minimal importance to fiber breakage, ie severe injury with intramuscular hematomas (blood spills inside the muscle) and functional disability. In many cases, the muscle pathology is due to the fragility of the muscle fibers of the player. Read more »

French Open 2013: Andy Murray refuses to play in Paris because of injury

Although this week’s tournaments are being played some small on the ATP Tour, most eyes begin to go to Paris because in less than a week starts Roland Garros, second grand slam of the season. About this tournament and we had a big story on Andy Murray has confirmed through a statement on its website that it cannot compete in Paris.

This news was a tangible possibility since the number 2 ranking had to retire in the Rome Masters while playing with Marcel Granollers due to back problems. The Scot left open the possibility of not competing in Paris but began to relax and be treated to try to reach this important event. However, in consultation with their doctors, had to make the hard decision to quit the tournament:

andy murray injury

It is a very difficult decision. But after seeking medical advice, I am not able to compete

It’s really a difficult decision. I love playing in Paris, but I’m not able to compete. I apologize to the organizers and thank you all for the messages of support. Now my focus is completely on return to the court as soon as possible

The loss of Murray is important both for the tournament and for the fans that we will run out to see one of the best players on the circuit. His resignation will move the list and now seeded Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and David Ferrer become the top seeds 2, 3 and 4, respectively, something that primarily benefits the player Alicante. Read more »

Exercises for shoulder pain relief

Do you hurt your shoulders? A sedentary lifestyle, poor feeding, the passage of time, incorrect postures… There are many causes that cause this inconvenience.

If you are thinking to medicate you, before doing so I recommend that you put in practice any of the exercises that we propose today. They are simple, quick and any person can be done by. Do you dare to try?

shoulder pain

Sport, your best ally

The sport will help prevent and relieve many discomforts, but before starting any physical activity, don’t forget the warm-up exercises. What you should do is to bend the body from the waist, until the trunk is in position parallel with the ground. Now you must leave hanging your arm to make it wobble, while drawing soft circles. Read more »

Simple tips for sore joints

Do you have joint pain? Do you want to try natural remedies to help you combat this nuisance once and for all? In that case, take note of the simple tricks that will explain below, available to anyone.

Put a stop to this nuisance so common, usually starting in the small joints of the hands and feet, and then spread to other parts of our body, such as shoulders and elbows.

natural joint pain relief

The best diet

Whether because of age, temperature changes or other factors, very few people manage to escape this type of rheumatic diseases. Against this evil, the diet is very important, so you away from acidic foods like vinegar and tomatoes. Read more »


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