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Tips for becoming a better all around hockey defenseman

Be a better all around hockey defense not just of stick handling, is improve his overall technique in order to serve his team. Be a defense is a position that comes with a lot of responsibilities and requires an intelligent person to act decisively in high pressure situations. To avoid costly mistakes, as the settlement out of place at the wrong time, or even to allow a dreaded “goal in own goal”, good defense can update their skills through these tips and proven techniques.

Get to know your teammates

During a defensive posture, a defense is located near one of the central areas of the game, close to the goal. While there may be several players manipulate the disc in the middle of the ice, a defense has to be prepared for the attack. Knowing that fellow defender and strengths and weaknesses of the goalkeeper will serve to make that a defensive team better, since we will work together to protect the lens.

Tips for becoming a better all around hockey defensemen

Knowing how he is likely to respond each individual it means that you can adapt to your own technique to work alongside their own. For example, if the goalkeeper has a great glove, but cannot be locked too well, and then help with defensive tricks such as keep shooting on the side of the glove that go a long way towards the prevention of the goals of the event. Read more »

Hockey rules for penalties

Like all sports, any kind of hockey has established rules and general rules that must be followed when committing to a good development of the game. All these rules vary slightly depending on the type of hockey that is practiced, depending on terrain or special characteristics thereof.

They are explicit violations that apply in practice if not a good game. Then I’ll let you know a summary of the rules to take into account, as far as offenses and their punishments is concerned, for playing hockey.

hockey penalties

Team Punishment

- If an opposing player violates the rules, the victim resulting team will be awarded an advantage in the form of lack. This applies as long as the offense caused disadvantage disadvantaged team. Read more »

Basics of ice hockey

Ice hockey, whose origins lie in the late nineteenth century, is a sport that pits two teams of six players each with the aim of introducing a rubber disc inside the opponent’s goal guarded by a goalkeeper. The particularity of this sport is that the goal should be to get fulfill sliding down a frozen track with a sharp blade skates. The rubber disc, also called a puck, is slipped on the ice with the help of a stick ice hockey game, known as stick.

Dimensions of track and duration

Ice hockey takes place in a rectangular ice rink, also called rink, ranging in size 61 meters long by 30 wide. All ice hockey regulation tracks has rounded corners, to prevent the puck will slow to reach every corner, thus giving more vibrancy and attractiveness of the game. Normally, ice hockey clues surrounding a high wall that serves to clear the puck does not leave the playing area, but does not prevent public visibility.

Ice Hockey

Players can use the presence of this wall to try to develop plays with his help, bouncing the pick to dribble an opponent, for example. The center of the track is always marked by a red line that connects each of the two halves of the court. In the field are placed two red lines to mark the goal line at each end of the track, just where are located the two goals. Read more »

They want a meeting

The Association of NHL players asked to meet with the leaders of the circuit this week, ideally Wednesday, a query that does not seem to have found a receptive ear among its recipients. “They suggested they were ready to meet us, but they also told us they were not interested in the proposal that we made last Tuesday and they were not ready to make a cons-offer.

The Association of NHL players

Not sure why we would meet, “merely replicating right arms Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and late Tuesday evening. A committee of players must still go to New York hoping to discuss with officials negotiations. NHLPA held a conference call with members and the negotiating committee in the late afternoon to take stock of the state of negotiations. “We hope to have an answer very soon,” said spokesman Jonathan Weatherdon NHLPA. Read more »


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