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Duvnjak and Lekic, the best handball players in the world in 2013

Before the final will be played European handball 2014, event and media attention for the IHF, the International Handball Federation, handed their awards took advantage to top players. The award, which has been accompanied by a juicy check from 10,000 euros for each winner, chosen have fans around the world, given their votes over the Internet.

In men, the Croatian Domagoj Duvnjak won the most votes. Duvnjak got 33% of the vote, beating the vote Danish Mikkel Hansen, which reached 27% of the vote, the Spanish goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik, which totaled 20% of the vote, the Czech player Filip Jicha, who scored 13%, and France’s Daniel Narcisse, winner of this award in 2012 and this time it has reached 7% of the vote.

2013 best handball players

During 2013, this player just 25 years it was led to his team, the Hamburg, the final of the Champions League, that won at Barcelona. After that he signed by the Kiel, the most powerful team of the city. He also added a medal bronze selection of Croatia in the World 2013, the selection of which is already alma mater occupying the place left by the great Ivano Balic, who was twice voted best player in the world. Read more »

2013 World Women’s Handball: Brazil gold, silver and Denmark bronze Serbia

In only one case, a European team had not won a World Cup women’s handball, South Korea, nearly 20 years ago. Today, on the winners of this competition, has enrolled his name the second, Brazil. For the first time, the team that is known as girls has been imposed in the maximum continental handball competition.

What has winning the final against the host, Serbia, in a thrilling final in Belgrade? The Brazilian team got to have a lead of 5 goals on the scoreboard, which reduced lead Serbia to tie the game less than 5 minutes remaining. However, after the tie at 20, the Brazilian team knew better to play the final minutes and bring the final score to 22-20.

women handball brazil 2013

As the fight for the bronze, the forecasts were met and Denmark said it, pulling the thorn from the last world, which lost the final of the consolation. Denmark beat Poland by a score of 30-26, with Kristina Kristiansen as the central star of the match having scored 10 goals. Read more »

2013 World Women’s Handball: Brazil – Denmark and Serbia – Poland semifinals

Although Spain and were eliminated in round knockout in High Keystrokes we will continue summarizing what’s what happens in the 2013 World Women’s Handball, which are already configured the semifinals. After the quarter-end, we have on one side a Brazil – Denmark, and on the other a Poland – Serbia in the semifinals.

Brazil finished with Hungary, the selection was executioner of Spain, achieving a historic feat: being passed first quarterfinal in the World Cup.

2013 world womens handball

It was a very close and tight match and it necessitated two extensions to be solved by a score of 33-31 for the Brazilian. The player Alexandra Nascimento, best player in the world in 2012, was the star of the game with 10 goals. Read more »

2013 World Women’s Handball: Spain falls in eighth against Hungary

The World Cup 2013 women’s handball is over for Spain at the first intersection, in the first game of win or goes home. Hungary, the selection had been third in Group D, has been a goal of the Warriors in the second round and has been our executioner, after a meeting in which the national team has been far from the level that can give.

The first half was a frantic start and, though balanced, the knob for the score was Spain, which once had two goal lead in their favor thanks to a successful Marta Lopez from the end. However, this trend would change and Hungary was to take command of the match, due to losses in attack and because of the facilities of the Spanish defense.

2013 world women's handball

Neither the change to a 5-1 defense nor enjoying a couple of superiority served to improve the situation, nor Spain went missing 5 goals to break, 17-12. The connection between the two Marta Mangue and Lopez was the only positive so far and what had held Spain, but much more was needed to subdue Hungary. Read more »

2013 World Women’s Handball: Spain debuts with a loss to Norway

Began the women’s handball World 2013 for Spain and it was with Norwegian rival, no less. And is that the Norse are the large dominating the sport today, as they won the last World Cup, won gold in the Olympics and were runners-up at the last European, having been European champions four times. Almost anything you see.

The loss, therefore, fell within the plans provided at least was not too painful and Jorge Duenas girls leave feeling good. And so it has been, because although it has lost at least has fought the match was sold face defeat and shown which may be the key weapon in the tournament Spain: their defense.

world handball 2013 women

Thanks to how well they were applied in the Spanish defense, Norway had to give their best to get a win set 22-20. Despite the swift and relentless game of Nordic, Spain lived up and also played at the same speed. So, coming to rest with a score 10-9 in favor of Norway, which was sending long distance but never. Read more »

Training tips for handball with beginners

In contrast to the training with advanced handball players there for the exercise glider for beginners some special training on, he must pay. And the requirements of the educational and psychological stand far above the requirements of their own hand-football skills.

Training tips for handball

Heterogeneity of the group

Almost always it is the beginners’ training so that individual participants have very different starting points. Depending on the sport prior experience and physical basic constitutions have different handball novice, there is often a large gap in terms conditional and coordinative abilities. Read more »

European women’s handball 2012: Montenegro Norwegian hegemony ends

Hegemony Norwegian women’s handball is over today, or at least has suffered an unexpected trip. Montenegro, a selection of short life so to speak, has surpassed Norway today has registered his first international tournament, the most successful Montenegrin of the sport after they managed a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics, falling precisely against Norway.


Both Norway and Montenegro have given us a final exciting, where equality has been the keynote. At halftime, the score was slightly favorable as Montenegro by 1 goal, but the second time, Norway was able to recover but yes, forced overtime with a goal of Alstad when there were only nine seconds. Read more »

European women’s handball 2012: second win against Croatia

With the decline of Veronica Cuadrado, with low Macarena Aguilar and Marta Mangue doubt, Spain faced its second match at the European women’s handball before the selection of Croatia. A Croatian yesterday expired by only 1 goal against Hungary, which was considered rival stronger, so the game against the Balkan is seemed much harder than it, seemed at first.

Croacia spain

However, the Warriors have given the C’s and have embroidered a game much more complete than yesterday against Germany to Croatia to win by a score of 25-21. With this second victory, and with +7 in his favor in the goal average, the team led by Jorge Duenas has already secured a spot in the next round, but there you go for the win tomorrow because these results are carried forward to the next round. Read more »

European women’s handball 2012: Spain beating Germany debut

He began the European women’s handball for Spain, and like all debuts in this type of party, today’s match of our favorite Warriors against Germany was not easy. There was much equal, except in the discretion of the Danish collegiate reached out of their boxes to Spanish coach Jorge Duenas, Spain but finally managed to break the game in the final minutes and won by a margin of three goals.

Germany spain

Equality was such that partial to one team or another were not greater than 2-0, and the maximum income of the party that got German and Spanish were not greater than two goals. In the first half, the high effectiveness of the Spanish attack and Silvia Navarro stops given command on the scoreboard to Spain yet accumulated many losses, so never escape. Read more »

European women’s handball 2012: calendar list of the first phase

From 4 to 16 December in Serbia held the 10th edition of the UEFA European Women’s Handball, and as there will be the Spanish, and probably with the potential to fight for everything, you have to be aware of what happens. And for that, you better know when they play our Warriors and against what opponents during the first phase.

2012 women handball

16 Teams, divided into four groups of four teams each have been classified for this tournament. Spain have been drawn in Group C alongside Croatia, Germany and Hungary, selections in recent tournaments have had better results than Spain. The top three from each group go on to the next round, where they will form two groups, with the best of A and B and one of C and D in another.

In this phase, each team will play three more games, only against opponents from the other group. This means that Spain, then move on, would face three teams from Group D. Counting the victories of the previous phase of this stage, the top two teams from each group would go to the semifinals , while the third would play a match for fifth and sixth.

Known as the format, now let the calendar:

  • Germany – Spain, December 4
  • Spain – Croatia, December 5
  • Hungary – Spain, December 6

And only after the calendar, we now know the list of girls that made Coach Jorge Duenas and represent us in the European Championship:

Porters: Cristina Gonzalez (Leon Handball) and Silvia Navarro (Oltchim Valcea – Romania).

Extremes: Carmen Martin (Krim Mercator – Slovenia), Jessica Alonso (Zajecar – Serbia), Elisabeth Pinedo (Bera Bera) and Vanessa Amoros (Atletico keep).

Sides: Nely Carla Alberto (Fleury Loriet – France), Beatriz Fernandez (Fleury Loriet – France), Marta Mangue (Zajecar – Serbia), Elisabeth Chavez (Nice – France), Nerea Pena (Rail Cargo – Hungary), Patricia Elorza (Bera Bera) and Alexandrina Cabral (Oltchim Valcea – Romania).

Pivots: Veronica Cuadrado (KIV Vejen – Denmark) and Begona Fernandez (Zajecar – Serbia).
Central: Macarena Aguilar (Randers – Denmark).


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