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A Few Examples of Good Questions to Ask About Golf

Before you go to a new golf course, you are probably going to want to call them with a few questions. If you ask these things in advance, it can save you from some confusion and frustration when you get there. A few examples of good questions to ask include the following:

1. Is there a dress code at the course?

Some course have strict dress codes, so you cannot just show up in jeans and a t-shirt. You need to wear something from the Peter Millar golf clothing collection, for example, or a similar collection. They do this for the same reason that some clubs and bars do it: They want people to look the same and keep up the image of the course.

2. Do you need to make a reservation?

Courses that are not too busy will let you just walk up and start playing, but others require you to make a reservation a few hours in advance. This way, they can make sure that they do not have too many people playing at once so that it is a good experience for everyone who is there. Showing up without a reservation means that you cannot play. Read more »

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

Golf has grown in popularity in the last decade. Anyone can start playing at any age, and everything you need to get started is a good advice about the golf swing. The golf swing is a mechanical process that needs to be refined and repeated correctly every time.

Nice and Easy

No matter what you do with a golf swing, you will find that it is much better when taking it nice and easy. You will see professionals that deep and slow breaths before hitting the ball in an important shot, and there is a reason for this.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

His golf swing must be in pace with your breath, and that’s that professionals try to keep their breath in important situations. Learn how to use the breath as an indicator of your golf swing tempo and you will find that you can keep a soft rhythm in any situation. Read more »

Seve Trophy Golf 2013: Continental Europe won the trophy 15-13

This Sunday the Saint Nom La Breteche of France hosted the final day of the Seve Trophy ‘, tournament player name Spanish played in similar format to the Ryder Cup teams Continental Europe and Britain & Ireland came tied to the but in the final day singles matches mainlanders were left with the trophy winning 15-13.

Of the 10 games that were put into play the wards of Jose Maria Olazabal won the victory in June . This is the second title that lifts the Continental Europe team came seeing traditionally passed by the British as evidenced by the fact that the first of his titles came back in 2000.

Seve Trophy Golf 2013

Chris Wood played the final match with Francesco Molinari and had a chance to win to tie but gave no Italian player option and won by 3 & 2. On this last day also highlighted the overwhelming victory of Miguel Angel Jimenez while Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano has gone more or less but could pull a major draw in the first match of the day. Read more »

Seve Trophy Golf 2013: the British team cut differences and placed 4.5 to 5.5

The Saint Nom La Breteche Paris hosted the second day of the Seve Trophy in which golfers have reacted British team closing the gap on the scoreboard. Although Continental Europe continues to lead the tournament and the difference is only one point the score being 5.5 to 4.5 with just two rounds remaining.

The games format was similar to Friday we told you during the first day, ie five games of fourballs swings left us in qualifying because Continental Europe dominated part of the day but the players of Great Britain and Ireland drove around some games on the last hole.

seve trophy golf 2013

This happened for example in the party that faced David Lynn and Scott Jamieson against Matteo Manassero and Francesco Molinari. The Italian couple dominated the match from the beginning but never got away on the scoreboard and gave oxygen to the British who made birdies at 17 and 18 to turn the game around and win with a lead hole. Read more »

U.S. Open Golf 2013: Horschel and chaotic Mickelson lead after two tours

This week, the best golfers in the circuit have an appointment at the U.S. Open, the second major of the season that this time has chosen the field of Merion like setting. By the time the tournament is being played in tricky conditions, suffered multiple breaks and not all players were able to complete the second day because the game was stopped because of darkness.

This suspension of Friday is influenced by weather conditions on Thursday. The rain and wind forced to interrupt the game on a couple of occasions before the final suspension. With these factors as adverse, the bogeys, including double, triple and quadruple, began to decorate the cards of players who registered with many strokes over par.


That happened for example Sergio Garcia started badly but who saved her in the final day of the course to finish 73 strokes (+3). However, other players were able to survive as Phil Mickelson who won four birdies and placed as leader before the final suspension that left many players halfway like Tiger Woods who marched with +2. Read more »

How To Choosing the Best Golf Course When Traveling

For all those who are considering golfing on getaway, possessing a few golf course choices in the nearby area in which you are going to be staying might be helpful. Some areas, especially while in the warmer climates, have many choices available. You could possibly have a lot more programs to select from than days to golf on them. To perform so, emphasis on the handful of tips that could allow you to weed out the troubles through the greatest experiences within the location.

There are some wonderful on-line resources to help you to seek out data about virtually any golf course in the country as well as those from the nation. You will wish to keep away from looking at the course’s certain website for reviews, but it is possible to still learn a great deal in regards to the facility in that way. Look for what other people are saying concerning the facility. Should you can’t discover that details, it could not be on the market for that specific facility. An additional excellent tip for finding the ideal facility to your journey would be to basically discover out when the business puts a lot of time into maintaining the grounds. You will desire to see choices ranging when it comes to fairway design and characteristics. You’ll want to find out in the event the landscaping is excellent and if the greens are maintained.

Every single golf course has something distinctive to offer you; even those that are smaller sized and locally run. When picking a single, uncover out what can make it unique. Is it exceptionally demanding? Who designed the facility and what’s that designer known for? Does the facility supply a substantial quantity of yards? Factors like lagoons or other water attributes could make a statement in elegance nevertheless they also include for the challenge from the facility. It truly is a superb idea to guide your tee time upfront of one’s arrival, especially at a number of the more well-known programs like vail golf. Doing this can be valuable simply because a lot of these facilities book weeks or months upfront. The golf course you decide on needs to get worth your time.

2013 Masters Golf: Adam Scott wins the tiebreaker with Angel Cabrera and conquer the green jacket

From Sunday the select list of winners Masters has a new name. This is the Australian Adam Scott who took the green jacket after a thrilling final round in which the winner was decided in the tiebreaker instance you mentioned Scott arrived and Argentine Angel Cabrera also came very close to getting the title would have been the second to him.

On the final day of the tournament we had emotion, good golf and some of the associated mythical Augusta which was reflected in the agonized tiebreaker played in the rain. A rain that accompanied the leaders throughout his tour and that forced them to adapt to the new conditions of the Greens.

adam scott masters 2013

Angel Cabrera, Jason Day and Adamm Scott were those best positioned face to win the tournament on the last hole but the classification gave several rollovers due to birdies that escaped by just centimeters and bogeys which came due to pressure by the triumph. Read more »

2013 Masters Golf: Jason Day takes over, Garcia and Fernandez-Castano to 4 strokes

The Masters completed its second day Friday that overall was more complicated than the first because of the difficulty of the flags and the weather conditions that drove up the average blows that participants needed to cover the route. At the end of the day, Jason Day remained as sole leader but the chasing pack is fairly nourished.

The wind complicated the game golfers and men suffered so as Sergio Garcia and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano. The Castellon was over as leader on the first day which made 66 shots but the second went to 76, a lot grayer card with four bogeys, two of them in the first few holes where rain accompanied him.

2013 Masters Golf

He also suffered such inclement Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano made 74 strokes but is tied for 14th place with Garcia, 4 strokes off the lead and keep climbing options positions. Read more »

How to hit a golf ball far right

Learning to driver a golf ball is a difficult task. This can take time and practice to become proficient at constant hit this club’s. Why the driver is the hardest club to hit because it is the longest club in the bag that makes it more difficult to control. Therefore all the kinks in your swing can cause large variations in the final result so that the driver will reveal how finely tuned your swing really is. Do not expect to be perfect to hit a driver that even the best golf professionals regularly playing badly this club.

Instead focus on developing consistent enough to allow you to hit fairways with quite a sufficient distance so that you can then use your short game to make more birdies and shoot low scores. It is important to learn how to hit a driver well and right because golf courses are more difficult if you need both distance and accuracy. The good news is that there is a direct relationship between hitting a golf ball with precision and strike further. Read more »

Carlota Ciganda end number one ranking of the Ladies European Tour

The golf season came to an end and if I talked before the spectacular year of Rory McIlroy who finished the season as the best player on the men’s tour, today we cannot pass up the opportunity to devote an article to Carlota Ciganda. The young Spanish golfer has also signed a spectacular year and finished number one ranking Ladies European Tour … and that was the year of its debut.

Carlota Ciganda

Ciganda, 22, has spent his entire life dedicated to the world of golf where he has won titles in all the categories. The Navarre golfer takes his career very well run and in 2008 decided to train in the U.S. successfully. In 2011 he could have decided to go to the American circuit that is where there are more tournaments and more prizes are distributed but decided to go step by step and spend the year on the European circuit that has finished first in the year of its debut, a feat I had only gotten Laura Davies, an icon with 82 women’s golf tournaments in their windows. Read more »


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