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Thiago is already player of Bayern Munich

The case was painting Thiago summer soap opera but it is closed for good, and also comfortable for the three parties involved. That is, Thiago Barca out , which was what I wanted, it goes to Bayern Munich that fulfills a request of his coach, and Barcelona draws from more of what was going to get paid only if the clause termination.

Still, the operation is still bad for Barcelona and gives new arguments handful of critics of Sandro Rosell. First, it is a mistake to sell a player with the potential of Thiago at a low price for not having a good clause shielded, is a mistake not to have gotten Thiago wants to be in a club like Barca, and it is a mistake to the team without much quality midfielder, but the jewel in the quarry.


For Thiago, but within minutes, was an alternate luxury for the Barca midfield. A midfield vulnerable now because Iniesta and Cesc is rare season in which there are injured, and Xavi Hernandez already has a loaded old to 60 matches in a season, in addition to that players with a view to the World will be the last of the golden generation, always want to get in the best conditions for this tournament. Read more »

Barca sold to David Villa Atletico Madrid

In Barcelona yesterday afternoon launched through its online media a statement surprising, the sale of David Villa Atletico Madrid. Surprising for several reasons, because on one hand, for example, was expected to ended up in Inglaterrra Guaje (Tottenham seemed his destiny) and not in Madrid, or by the amount of the transaction and payment curious.

The truth is that apart from surprising, the signing of Villa has managed to anger many of both clubs. On the one hand, there colchoneros who believe that the best time of the Spaniard went and, coming back, which is not the same as before the injury, etc … On the other hand, there are Catalans who think that Barcelona has given the player, and is now going to tell you how much you will pay for the now former Atletico Barca striker.

David Villa

Villa only cost Atletico Madrid 5 million euros , or not even that. The pay Atletico 2.1 million initially by having the player during this season, pay 2 million if he stayed the next season, that is, during 2014-2015, and pay 1 million more if the Spaniard decide to continue third season by the Vicente Calderon.
You see, it seems almost a gift to a Spanish international sign for that price, but it is tricky. Read more »

Luis suarez is offered to real madrid

Luis Suarez has given an interview to RR-Gol and expressed his intention to leave the Premier League to play for Real Madrid, although he has said that has no white team’s offer and all the information being published about are “just rumors”.

“I do not know if I’m white, all I know is that I have contract. Any player would like to play in a big team and Real Madrid is. Every player wants to get to the maximum and Real Madrid is the most. Spoken everything is rumors, “said the Liverpool striker.

luis suarez

Uruguayan striker said white dream team: “The Real Madrid is a great team and every player dreams of this team.’Real Madrid is Real Madrid and is the most that can happen to a player “. Read more »

Falcao is a new player of Monaco

At AS Monaco arrived in 2011 one of the world’s richest men, Russian Dmitry Rybolovlev , and the intention is to turn this millionaire Principality team in one of the most important in Europe. The first step was to return to the first division of France, which have made the last few dates, and the second step is to turn the team into a super team full of stars.

For this, the Russian billionaire is spending noticing. First they spent 70 million to sign two players from Porto, Colombian James Rodriguez and Portuguese Joao Moutinho . He signed to Ricardo Carvalho, who arrives freed from Real Madrid. And now he has spent 60 million euros more in signing Falcao. Finally this French team is going to be the fate of the Tiger.

falcao transfer

The Tiger by which all great sigh stop being Atletico Madrid player, after two seasons in which he has left a mark that will be hard to erase. Colombian striker now goes to Monaco, which will not play European competition by the way, thus losing the chance to play Champions League with Atletico, a club with which without a doubt has been very identified. Read more »

Isco clause from 20 to 35 million euros

Six million was the amount paid to Malaga to Valencia by Isco just over a year and half. Today, the young player could bring to his team, if it was transferred, four or five times what it cost. Clearly it would be a sweet deal, is not it? Always economically course.

For now, the possibility of selling to Isco is undeniable, and not because the player has said he wants to leave. He was a man of the company, Mario spindles, which stated that the possible departure of Isco is a reality, the very day on which he signed and made official improved contract for the player of only 21 years, and by the way, an increase in the buyout clause .


Spindles, director sports team, said that the rise of the termination clause,of 20-35000000 , not a strategy to sell and make more money, but took no time to admit that, following a logical line, Isco eventually playing for a European giant. Curious contradiction, unlike Isco who seems to have things clears by now: there have been offers, but so far not contemplate leaving Malaga. Read more »

Benitez and Torres, in health and in disease

Coach and player receive criticism and praise in equal measure at Chelsea. After the defeat ‘blue’ in the Club World Cup, both are back in the spotlight of fans and media. Arguably Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres have, to some extent, parallel lives. Both tasted together the best years of Spanish Liverpool and the two plunged into a dark road when they left Anfield Road.


While crashing Benitez at Inter Milan, Torres was entering Stamford Bridge, where the troubles have been higher than satisfaction. Neither Andre Villas-Boas, Roberto de Matteo knew or squeeze the best qualities of Torres and seemed on the horizon was only one person who could lead the resurgence of the Child: Rafa Benitez. Read more »

CR7 Mourinho and Manchester United … is it possible?

The British press refers to the two possible landing of Portuguese in the Premier League in the near future. Is it feasible?

Can you imagine Jose Mourinho heading to Manchester United? How about wearing Cristiano Ronaldo, again, red devil? The English press yes it does and today rumors resurface that put the two Portuguese at Old Trafford.

CR7 Mourinho

Explains the daily Mundo Deportivo, referring to the British media, Sir Alex Ferguson would have expected to retire this summer and pretend to give his witness Portuguese coach. This, in turn, has never denied his interest in returning to the Premier and now could realize his desire leading a team of posh and options continue extending its curriculum titles. Read more »

Promise of the Week: Jose Rodriguez

The attacking midfielder has been the big star of the day for the great goal he scored for Real Madrid against Alcoyano in Copa Del Rey, and the projection that radiates.

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez is no longer a stranger to the football public in a few days. First, the Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, was appointed at a press conference and pointed as one of the great white hope of the quarry, and then the player responded to the accolades scoring a goal in the victory against Real Madrid Alcoyano (1-4) in Premier League. Read more »

Chelsea already chosen Lampard’s replacement

These would be the Russian playmaker Alan Dzagoev 22, that when greatly Championship with his team, continues to defend the shirt of CSKA Moscow.

frank lampard

Not yet officially confirmed the departure of Frank Lampard of Chelsea , but the British media are already putting on the table several names as potential replacements second captain blue that out of contract in June and probably leave Stamford Bridge next January. Read more »

Leandro Barbosa signed by Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have signed Leandro Barbosa to strengthen its perimeter, which will, presumably, his latest signing for this season. The Brazilian arrives to replace injured Avery Bradley, recovering from a shoulder injury and hopes to contribute more than he did in his last season in Indiana Pacers.

Leandro Barbosa

Leandro Barbosa comes to reinforce an external position which already has several men. It seems a signing also meant to cover up Ray Allen to Miami Heat as although Leandro Barbosa is not a lethal shooter Ray Allen style, yes it is a hopeless scorer, and above all, of runs. Read more »


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