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Ferreiro not ‘see’ what Busquets, Mascherano what, what Messi…

Delgado Ferreiro (42 years) left unsatisfied and quite annoying to Real Madrid with his performance in the Classic. Starting with Mourinho, who bit his tongue in the press room at the Camp Nou (“There is a philosophy in my club and I have to adapt to it …”), and followed by most of the fans, convinced that there were three things that were crucial to avoid the second win of the whites so far this year.

Delgado Ferreiro

Delgado Ferreiro began his list of details, which made its global performance cryptic, with a decision that could influence a lot on the final outcome. Busquets key cule game system, grabbed the shirt Di Maria in the 10th minute to cut the Argentine counterattack. Despite ignore the ball, the referee whistled just missing. As international fair saw yellow in the 54th minute for a foul on Cristiano, Barca stay with ten players due to lack of more than half an hour to go. Read more »


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