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Luis Aragones dies after a blood disease

This Saturday, February 1st has dawned so sad for football fans we have met the death of Luis Aragones. The former coach of the Spanish national football team died in Madrid Cemtro Clinic issued a statement indicating a blood disease as a cause of death.

Aragones, who was 75, was a very important figure in the world of football as a player and coach. The Sage of Hortaleza passed by many teams but among them stands his stint as coach for the team and his career as a coach and player of Atletico Madrid, the team he played over 350 games and scored over 170 goals.

luis aragones

With Atletico Aragones got three league titles and two Cups besides scoring the goal in that European Cup final against Bayern that they narrowly escaped. As a coach also happened to Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla or Mallorca adding 757 matches officiated in the league and winning a League Four Cups or Supercup Spain. Read more »

The Real Madrid dismisses as team coach Toril

The name of Alberto Toril hard leapt to the forefront of the media when Jose Mourinho began a war of words with him about how he did things with the reserves. As is customary in the media lately, a controversial unnecessary and that had little to do with winning football integer before how well I was doing things Toril in the branch of Real Madrid, who rose from the C in January 2011.

Toril changed the image of the team that came, signed large numbers, won promotion to the Second Division the following year and classified with Castilla search above Barcelona to become the best affiliate Spain. As well I was doing there was even a small campaign to give him the baton first team following the departure of Mourinho. However, what white yesterday, today is black, very black.


As black as the Madrid branch, with just 2 wins in 14 games, smells third division. Black As the picture has finished with the removal of Alberto Toril, months after some lift up the voice and proposes as future Guardiola Real Madrid. But the way things are in a sport where they send results and the results in this case cannot be worse. Read more »

Del Bosque will continue with Spain to Euro 2016

Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, there is where he plays Spain tomorrow a friendly match against the selection of this country and there is place that Vicente Del Bosque chose to confirm that it will continue at the head of the Spanish national team until 2016, already confident of having tied the classification for the 2014 World Cup, where it will defend the title achieved in 2010.

Although for some time it was noted that Forest cycle would end after the World Cup, the fact is they were only rumors came out after losing in the 2013 Confederations Cup. Del Bosque has all the confidence of the RFEF and the proof is that I have made clear on several occasions that the decision to continue or not depends solely on Salamanca.

del bosque

In addition, the Salamanca has decided to follow. This was confirmed today to the press, confirmed what some media ahead for some time that the renewal was closed and was only waiting to be finished qualifying the World Cup to make it public. I imagine that, given the trust placed in him there will continue regardless of what happens in Brazil. Read more »

Del Bosque and Benitez, nominated for Best Coach of the Year 2013

In FIFA gala to be held on January 13, 2014 in Zurich not only know who wins the Golden Ball 2013, an award for which there is already a list of 23 candidates, but also deliver other awards and badges. Among them is the coach of the year, for which there is already a list of 10 candidates list then surely stay three.

Of these 10 candidates, two are Spanish national coach Vicente Del Bosque and Rafa Benitez, current coach of Naples and last year won the UEFA Europa League with Chelsea. Also on the list of Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, who won the French league with PSG and his former coach, Jose Mourinho, but did not win more than the Spanish Supercup.

Best Coach of the Year 2013

Anyway, it looks like it will be a winner, Jupp Heynckes. The German, now retired, would receive a great tribute to his entire career with this award, a trend that culminated in a triplet, Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League. Another coach is no longer practicing and appearing on the list is Sir Alex Ferguson, the former Manchester United. Read more »

Roger Federer breaks with his coach Paul Annacone looking for a reaction to take you to London Masters

Roger Federer, the greatest player of all time if we look at the record, not going through a good time. It is clear that tennis and legs Basel Genius no longer at its peak but still has enough quality to get much better results than you’re getting this year. The Swiss is looking for a reaction and by the time announced that breaks with Paul Annacone, the coach who had been working since 2010.

Annacone reached the technical team with the backing Federer to have worked with Pete Sampras and have him win his last U.S. Open when he was 31. Federer had always been a fan of Sampras and trusted Annacone to bring the end of his career.

Roger Federer

With American coach Federer won two key milestones as were the win at Wimbledon in 2012 and the return to the world number 1 ranking but this year the results are still very bad and jeopardize Swiss participation in the Masters Tournament London, one of his tournaments fetish. Read more »

Sustitutir candidates to Tito Vilanova in the boat

The President of the Barcelona Sandro Rosell appeared yesterday before the media to announce, in a Conference of press without questions; Tito Vilanova ceases to be the coach of Barcelona for health reasons. After the latest medical reviews, the health status of the so far technical azulgrana advised that you continue in Office.

Therefore, Vilanova has made the best decision, and discuss if it was time or if you should have done before find me something out of place. Health is a very delicate and personal enough to subject people who know every day, so it has passed Tito and lies as to issue value judgments about the decision that has been taken and envelope the as things have become.

tito vilanova

Obviously, Vilanova health comes first, but at a club like Barcelona, today also sends. Thus, after the news began to operate the rumor mill about which coach takes command of the boat now. Rosell announced that you for the next week he and Zubizarreta would announce new coach, which to suggest that he bet on someone from outside the House, or that it isn’t right now within the club. Read more »

Ancelotti is the new coach of Real Madrid

Since Florentino Perez announced the departure of Jose Mourinho, who preferred Chelsea train her to fulfill his contract with Real Madrid, is pointed in the direction of Carlo Ancelotti as possible successor rather than Portuguese. And in that sense no one has failed because the Italian is now officially the new coach of all white, and SERCA submitted within hours.

Ancelotti arrived in Madrid after negotiations that have dragged on longer than usual, or at least more than what we are used Florentino Perez. Although the problem has not been bringing him to Real Madrid, but getting the Paris Saint Germain let him go, which did not happen until the French team found a replacement, Frenchman Laurent Blanc.

ancelotti real madrid

Former footballer mainly AC Milan coach Ancelotti is a more than worthy resume to sit on the bench for Real Madrid. To start, you know what is directing some of the best teams in the world, like Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea or PSG, so he’s used to the pressure of dealing with large stars and the requirement to get great results. Read more »

Jose Mourinho leaves Real Madrid

“There dismissal is output mutual agreement,” Florentino Perez said at a press conference after the board of directors determined to cease Portuguese coach services.

“The exit of Jose Mourinho is not traumatic nor a failure. There will be no economic consideration “. “Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid confirmed the bye on good terms and expressed admiration was the Portuguese coach.

Jose Mourinho

The maximum white manager, who confirmed that will go for re-election next June 16, said the reasons for the agreement: “I wish to continue Mourinho, but he thought it best to leave the club and I agree with the reasons he has given me. Read more »

Sir Alex Ferguson retires at the end of this season

What looked like a mere rumor last night, heated in some media and spread through social networks, today has been confirmed as real news: Sir Alex Ferguson retires? Manchester United has announced that it is and has been his coach for the past 26 years has decided, as it graciously, retiring when the season is in progress.

The Scot has decided to put an end to his coaching career at age 71, after working for four years at Saint Mirren, during eight years at Aberdeen and for 26 to Manchester United, as we have said. These nearly three decades at the helm of the Devils have been the most successful of this club, surpassing the achievements of one of Matt Busby Manchester.

sir alex ferguson

And that took several years to get his first title, and was even about to be fired shortly before winning the first FA Cup in 1990. The following year his first Supercup win in England, and in 1993 come the first league. From there come another 11 leagues, four FA Cups, Community Shield 9 others, plus 1 Cup Winners’ Cup, two Champions Leagues, two European Super Cups and two World Club. Read more »

Jonathan Vaughters and his Garmin-Sharp, the champions of clean cycling curious

Jonathan Vaughters , former U.S. cyclist with these adjectives one would imagine that is a great example to follow, and yet is one of those riders tainted by doping throughout his career.

Garmin Sharp

The career of Vaughters was never clean, and the confessed himself in the process that eventually discover Lance Armstrong. Besides, Vaughters still has its headquarters in Girona, where live and train most of its riders. They use virtually the same story, the same roads to train and almost the same logistics as the Texan used at the time, with no late legal and then it was found. Read more »


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