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Germany passes to lead the FIFA ranking after the World Cup Brazil 2014

After winning the European Championship in 2008, the Spanish team led the FIFA Ranking for the first time in its history. Since then, Spain has dominated this classification prepared by the governing body of world football with some ups and downs but continuously since September 2011.

Now, after the fiasco involving participation in the Brazil World Cup 2014, Spain has not only lost the first place, but it falls to the octave. While these seven positions is not the most significant drop, as for example Portugal has also fallen seven more sleeps until the eleventh place, or England has lost eleven other to fill the twentieth position.


The leader of the standings is the new World Champion, Germany, breaking a streak of 20 years or the first unoccupied position. The defeat in the final, Argentina, remains in second place, while the Netherlands, third in the World, took the third place, and forgive the redundancy, having taken a major leap from 15th place. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Netherlands to semi-finals on penalties

The penalties in modern football no longer a lottery. Penalties are worked, studied, hours and hours of video, statistics … And also important, courageous decisions. We do not know whether or not Holland win the World Cup but if it does, one reason is the change that made Louis Van Gaal 121 minutes into the game, pulling his reserve goalkeeper for the penalty shootout.

And, for the second time, Costa Rica remained alive until penalties. In the second round, against Greece, the play went well and Keylor Navas won them the game. But now in the quarterfinals and were lucky enough for the game, and the hero of the night was not going to be their goalie but the defending part of Holland, Tim Krul, but only defended the frame for a few seconds before the final whistle .

netherlands vs costa rica

From the beginning, the roles of each team were clear. In the Netherlands, for carat weight he played out the game, and he played defense Costa Rica. During the first half were just three or four times and in all of them shined Keylor Navas . The goalkeeper tico each intervention made clear that if the Dutch want to beat you had to put a little more on your part. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: David Luiz and Thiago push Brazil to semifinals

Brazil or Germany, one of the two finalists of the 2014 World Cup. First semifinal has already been configured after the German victory over France 1-0 and win the next match of Brazil against Colombia by 2-1. We can say, then, that on this side of the box we expected semifinal saw once configured the second phase.

This semifinal between South American Cup in Fortaleza has had two distinct parts. The first is dominated Brazil in which were his best minutes in this World, and only made 1 goal was the best news for Colombia. In contrast, in the second half of the coffee party eventually becoming owners and did suffer Host in the final minutes.

David Luiz and Thiago push Brazil

Colombia went to sleep as 6 minutes and lost. Neymar threw a corner and Thiago Silva sent the ball into the net, only the second post and finishing with the foot in the small area. Unforgivable. Neither had much forgiveness balls Colombians who lost in dangerous areas, and conducive easy Brazilian arrivals, combined with access to honoring the shirt they wear. Read more »

2014 Brazil World Cup: Belgium passes quarters despite Tim Howard

This remains a very good World Cup with games, with exciting outcomes, with many goals when compared with the latest quotes and despite this detail, great goalkeeping performances. Today joins the roster of outstanding goalkeepers Tim Howard, the U.S. goalkeeper, who almost achieved its goal of Belgium perforase prevent the goal.

Already 40 seconds of matches Howard would the first of many stops you make would play throughout the night. The day chosen to hold the point of attack, Origi, which was grounded the hand to hand in a situation that would be repeated throughout the game many times. Robo defensively, very rapid departure and arrival to the area, taking advantage of the spaces in the American rear as it retreated.

Belgium passes quarters despite

Sometimes these situations ended with a heads-up to Howard, the American goalkeeper well solved, others with balls that ended up in institutions or death passes that the defense cleared as could and could where. The arms of each team were clear, and you could tell that the game was won by the United States because managed to keep a clean sheet and lead for the fifth time so far this knockout, the game into overtime. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Germany suffers and passes the quarter after an extension

The German team has qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Brazil, after beating Algeria in overtime by 2 goals to 1. A party where Algerians played very effectively, creating a hazard in the area of Neuer and Germany that had a very bad break and he did not know, for most of the match, the spider web woven by coach Halilhodzic.

The beginning of the meeting was very predictable. Germany dominated the ball with Algeria waited in his field very well placed. The Germans tried to approach the goal of Bohli, but without any danger. However, it began to feel that the Algerian cons could be a problem for men of Low. An example, in 8 minutes, Slimani ball that reaches the left side, which Neuer is forced to leave the area and send out for a corner. Starting here, starting another game.

Germany suffers and passes the quarter

Again Algeria, in 10 minutes, riding against another, this time cut in the German defense. The Low had their first chance after 13 minutes, with Schweinsteiger shot from outside the area that clears, strangely, Bohli. But a minute later, Algeria was again put under pressure which the goal of Neuer with a side entrance right by Feghouli that instead of putting the area, sends it to the clouds a tough shot. Algeria believed ahead and pressure lines. Read more »

2014 Brazil World Cup: Colombia’s James Rodriguez passes first quarter in its history

Maracana is a name written in golden letters in Uruguay. At this stage, La Celeste won his second World Cup, writing a page to the history and opening a wound that has not closed yet in Brazil. Now, 64 years later, when the World has become the Brazilian country, which has been in Maracana is gone the way of Uruguay in the World Cup.

With Brazil waiting in the quarterfinals after beating Chile on penalties, the possibility that the historical crossroads between Brazilians and Uruguayans repeat was broke because he wanted to Colombia. The selection runs the Argentine Jose Pekerman has rightly imposed by a score of 2-0, achieving victory is historic for this country.


In 1990, Higuita of Colombia, Valderraman, Rincon or Alvarez scored the Colombia World Cup stop reaching for the first and only time the second round, where they fell miserably against Cameroon. Now, that generation has been buried, athletically speaking, the 2014, which is cast into the quarterfinals for the first time in its history, having won all four matches they have played so far. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: first Brazil, Mexico and Croatia were second

The selection of Brazil is classified as top of Group A, which leaves a knockout crossing with Chile, considering the results that have been in the final Group B. At canarinha worth it to win Cameroon and that has made, alternating moments with worst moments, he came within a goal of elimination.

Brazil took the lead through Neymar, but Cameroon took first clutches so far World and tied the game with a goal of Matip. At that time, the hosts had a difficult time, but his star came to the rescue. Neymar got bad pitch clears the African defense and close and again the goal that put Brazil ahead was invented.


Changes made Scolari helped improve the image of Brazil in the second half; he could not start better for Fred scoring 3-1 in the early going. Just in case endangered the first place, for what the goal average, Fernandinho was responsible for clearing doubts scoring the fourth, in a good midfield play which braided with Oscar and Fred. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Argentina in the second round and outside Bosnia, Germany can not with Ghana

The selection of Argentina joins the list of qualified for the second round with only two of the three matches selections. A Sabella’s worth win them with, regardless of the outcome that given in the other group match, and that’s what they did against the selection of Iran. Winning, though not shine, winning by an individuality of Messi in the last minute.

From the selections you already have your ticket to the knockout, or almost have it, the white and blue is the least has shown . If and to Bosnia – Herzegovina image was not the best, to Iran today has lowered the level yet.

Argentina in the second round

The Asian team out to defend with eleven men in your field, unafraid to put his strong leg, without fear calmly to wherever … and still had chances, giving a lot of work to Romero. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Brazil, Mexico and Croatia will fight on the final day

The A Group stays red hot after the results of the second day. The goalless draw between Brazil and Mexico and the victory of Croatia on Cameroon leaving Africans with no chance, joining Spain and Australia on the list of eliminated teams, and the other three remaining risking the two posts that would pass to the second round end of this World Cup 2014.

As mentioned, Brazil and Mexico drew goalless in a game in which the hero was Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican goalkeeper, who by the way is no computer after not renewing his contract with the French Ajaccio, was a bulwark and signed performances of great merit, which will surely make your quote up, helping your team a point well valuable.

Brazil vs mexico

Note that, although the Memo Ochoa was the man of the night, the party was not constant harassment of Brazilians. On the contrary, it was a back and forth game in which the Mexicans had their options. The best opportunities of these were more distant shots, on a stick, not included in the framework defending Julio Cesar. Read more »

Brazil World Cup 2014: Switzerland, France and Argentina are released with victory

On the fourth day of World Cup 2014, in the ninth game, also came the first time, but everyone already took for granted. The match between Switzerland and Ecuador, played under the scorching sun in Brasilia, was at an end, and over 92 minutes, and the score 1 goal stated for each team, but the equalizer was going to break at the last second for of the Swiss, and for the glory of Haris Seferovic.

Ecuador started winning, thanks to a goal 21 minutes into the match Valencia Enner to Ayoví center, and just start the second half scored the equalizer Mehmedi, a newly entered the field in a corner kick that bounced Rodríguez player. The two goals were modeled, headers in the box, revealing the defenders and goalkeepers in particular, that in this field have to show dominance and forcefulness.


The game, as we said before, was doomed to draw, but broke into the discount. After a clear chance for Rojas Ecuadorian Behrami launched a counterattack, continued despite threw him to the ground, gave a band to the side and focus Rodriguez Seferovic service sends back of the net. Goal Front Royal, also stand in the day, and double support for left Wolfsburg. Read more »


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