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Amstel Gold Race 2014: triplet for Gilbert in the classic beer

The victory Philippe Gilbert (BMC) on the Arrow – Brabançonne 2014 was no accident, but a strong warning that came to play this triptych of the Bulge, the three great classics in the range of one week. For now, we have already pointed out the first, the Amstel Gold Race, a race that is given quite well because this is the third time that has won.

Three victories in the Amstel and the World of Valkenburg in the same arrival, nearly 2 miles after crowning the Cauberg . The wall of this classic fetish departure from Maastricht and Valkenburg ending once again was the turning point of the race, because in the 251 miles of the same surveillance tactics prevailed over the distant attacks and strength moves.

amstel gold race 2014

Under the circumstances, falls were responsible for making the first selection and people like Joaquim Rodriguez (Katusha) and Daniel Martin (Garmin) said goodbye to the race early. The long break of the day was way up where they left them, which was quite far away from the peloton and although there were people who tried to break the race at some point, as Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) and Jakob Fuglsang (Astana), everything would decide during the climb to Cauberg. Read more »

2014 Tour of Algarve: Contador beats Kwiatkowski

The last week has been quite prolific in cycling races. Now we have counted the victory of Froome in Oman, or cakewalk Valverde Andalusia, and we still talk about the Tour of Algarve. And despite this accumulation of runs, the Portuguese round cyclists have had the likes of Rui Costa (Lampre), Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff) or Michal Kwiatkowski (Omega Pharma-Quick Step), who was the winner.

The race for the Portuguese south began with a sprint stage is that the Italian said Sacha Modolo (Lampre). Then came two wins for Polish Kwiatkowski, which it would enhance in the lead of the overall standings. The first came in Mochique after an interesting mountain stage in the final stretch, and the second came on a 13-kilometer time trial finishing in Sagres.

2014 cycling tour of algarve

The race reached the fourth and decisive stage, finishing in the Alto does Malhao. With swords all out, Contador attacked the leader and went to target their first win in the 2014 season, but could only scratch 10 seconds (bonus separately) to Kwiatkowski, which was insufficient for the benefit of Poland amounted to 32 seconds at the beginning of the day. Read more »

Common mistakes when training cycling

The cycling is a beautiful discipline but requires some planning training if we keep improving. Large figures are complicated and specific training, which started pedaling and want to improve slowly but surely, we must avoid falling into the following errors:

Always does the same route: Is the most comfortable, of course, but eventually most monotonous and which will make us bogged soon. The body soon accustoms to this effort and will not advance. It is best to always have a range of routes: longer, shorter, uphill, flat, round, circling. Meeting with other people is the best way to learn routes.

common cycling mistakes

Try to follow the leader: Another very common mistake, leaving group and always try to wheel the fastest. Your body needs to adjust slowly to the efforts, cannot always go everywhere. Quit making undemanding but steady filming will also make you earn big background and ultimately is a mainstay. Read more »

Chris Horner in the race in 2014 Lampre

Rarely in the history of cycling, the winner of one of the three major stage races ran out equipment and did not find until 30 January of the following year. Rarely or none but of course, never before in the history of cycling had given the case of Chris Horner , a man with 42 years not only still active, but the Tour of Spain 2013 is noted.

The Spanish winner of the last round was without a team since his contract expired Radioshack, and it has not been easy to find a new one. The problems were many: their age, economic quantities (which was what weighed), and of course, the evil shadow looming over him after becoming the oldest rider in history to win a round in stages.


Horner, who even got to fire his agent, rang for many continental teams category, such as Box or Rural controversial Fluo Yellow and Christina Watches. But the end has found its place on a ProTour team category, the Lampre-Merida. Probably, or Horner has lowered much their financial claims sponsors brings with him or make a contribution to facilitate the payment of his salary. Read more »

Tour of Spain 2013: Geniez, French victory on French soil

The Tour of Spain 2013 left Andorra and got caught on French soil during the course of the fifteenth stage. The large group reached the top of Peyragudes, a classic Tour de France, and there has been crowned French cyclist, Alexandre Geniez (FDJ), culminating a long drain taking the win on a day when there is no change in the leading positions.

The truth is that in these stages of the Pyrenees the star is being carried side cyclists. Yesterday it was the turn to Italian Daniele Ratto (Cannondale) and now it was his turn to Geniez, while in the peloton did not care much for the leak, and therefore the chances of winning the stage, and yes monitored including, all with the intention of saving his position.

alexandre geniez

Hence the top five finishers all crossed the finish line together. During the last climb, the fact is that they did not stop attacking each other, but is that what was suffered in yesterday’s stage and long mileage today was heavy in the legs. So, Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) could safely control the situation, and even crossed the finish line commanding the favorites, as a sign of superiority. Read more »

Tips for beginning cyclists

Dosage of effort:

More is not better. We must be cautious to start with training and know that loads should follow a logical progression in order to generate adaptations.

If you’ve never ridden a bike the first day with an hour will suffice, mounted on alternate days for your body to recover as needed. In a month you can start increasing your time out and deal with the first three months cans significant slopes.

tips for beginner cyclists

It hurts!

The seat rests is where the weight of the body. At first this area is usually painful but gradually refers inconvenience. Just know that these pains are normal and has nothing to do with the saddle, the longer the journey, the greater the effort that this area is subjected. Read more »

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 2013: Belgian spring starts with victory Paolini

Luca Paolini

Although there is still something less than a month before the start of spring, the season of spring cycling classic opened today, precisely in a country where more luster have such careers :Belgium. The Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, starting and ending in Ghent Flanders after 198 kilometers, has had the honor and the man who has released the spring has been Luca Paolini (Katusha).

The Italian cyclist old dog with over 10 years of professional and multi-behind wins; he has won the game in the final sprint that has been his companion away, the Belgian Stijn Vanderbergh (Omega Pharma-Quick Step). Paolini external his belt this year, leaving the rider, natural of a town near Ghent, with honey on the lips would have been his first professional victory.

Luca Paolini

The leak of the day formed a large group of riders who, at different lake walls that were part of the route, was selected. One of the first stars of the day, apart from the cold and wet, was Sylvain Chavanel (Omega Pharma-Quick Step), which was the same leader for several kilometers. His flight had no result so head group formed with several cyclists. Read more »

Tour of Qatar 2013: Mark Cavendish destroys four wins


British cyclist Mark Cavendish started this 2013 quite strong, and it adds five wins stage. The first was obtained in the opening stage of the Tour de San Luis, where he saw his record counter brand this year and the following four achieved during the Tour of Qatar 2013. It is seen that Cavs has been well leave the Sky and enlist in the Belgian team.

And this Tour of Qatar 2013, reserved exclusively for cyclists test fast in arrivals, has had more history than this: see Cavendish raising arms and over the goal line on four occasions . Only left for others the first two stages and sprint that was at the hands of U.S. Bootwalker Brent (BMC) and a team time trial winning the BMC set.


With his four stage wins and all that has added bonuses along the way, Mark Cavendish has also led the overall standings. Thus, linking its name in the list of winners of this race to other sprinters like Mark Renshaw and Robert Hunter, but he still has to get the number of victories he has achieved his teammate Tom Boonen in the race, in addition to the Belgian won four times overall, the final last year without going any further. Read more »

Frank Schleck, sanctioned for doping

There are still a few months to start the 2013 Tour de France , but we know a cyclist who is not going to be in the French race, and not just because they want to or not in his plans for the season … It’s Frank Schleck . The rider’s Radioshack-Leopard, the largest of the more famous brothers Luxembourg, has been sentenced to one year suspension for doping, and that would be impossible in the next Tour.

Recap. In the last Tour de France, the Luxembourg rider underwent a doping test after completion of the thirteenth stage, finishing in Cap d’Agde. Two days later, it became known that this control yielded a positive result in Xipamide, a diuretic, so Frank Schleck was the suitcase and left the race. And so far, there has been more news about your case.

Frank Schleck

So far it has been known that the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency has decided to sanction the rider with a year. Schleck, who has not competed since he got off the bike in the Tour de France, you cannot return to the road in competition until the day July 15, 2013Provided clear thrive no possible claims that a good insurance to remove the rider lodged this penalty off. Read more »

Katusha remained unlicensed World Tour on ethical

When Katusha ran out World Tour license for 2013, we all get a surprise, and some put their hands to their heads. How could a team that had more than fulfilled the sporting merit and also met the economic requirements to stay off the list of 18?


He himself confirmed team manager, former Russian cyclist Viatcheslav Ekimov. These are the arguments that the UCI has given regarding the decision of the Licensing Commission, a body which, remember, operates independently. Read more »


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