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Few Amazing Muay Thai Camp Training Benefits

There are literally dozens of Muay Thai camp training benefits. Muay Thai training classes are an amazing way to get in shape and improve your fitness readiness. People that have successfully finished programs in some of the many Muay Thai camps in Thailand have experienced radical positive changes when it comes to their cholesterol levels, blood pressure and they were able to lose weight too. Besides that there are few other things why you should join a Muay Thai camp as soon as possible.

Muay Thai training classes can be modified. This means that students on a different level (recreational students, beginners, pros) can perform easier or harder classes. That’s why each trainer works with small groups of students. You can make progress regardless of your physical preparedness. This is the reason why many foreigners travel to find and join a Muay Thai camp in order to lose weight. Professional Muay Thai camps can offer you the right program supervised by their professional staff.

Muay Thai camps have all the equipment you need, but you will find out that authentic Muay Thai doesn’t depend on equipment. This contact sport is focused on the fighting techniques and improvement of mobility. You can practice these moves even when you are back at home.

Muay Thai camps in Thailand are cost affordable. They are less expensive than your local gym, that’s for sure. Besides that some of them have cheap accommodation so besides training you can have a really nice vacation there.

If you lack motivation, Muay Thai camps will definitely help you. Exercising in a group will give you the much needed motivation and will make you push your limits.

Finally, Muay Thai training is one of the most powerful exercises you can practice. It’s a real fat killer and if you practice it right you can sculpt your body very easy

Suwit Muay Thai camp or Bestmuaythai@2014-06-17   is the best choice for those who want to learn all about Muay Thai. Their training programs are specially designed for different categories of students and besides working in small group you can choose one on one training too. Our recommendation is to choose their package that includes training + accommodation because in this way you will save money (you’ll get a better deal) and you will save time (you won’t have to wonder around looking for accommodation). Keep in mind that Suwit Muay training camp is located on one of the most beautiful locations on the famous tourist destination – Phuket Island.

Boxing tips for beginners

Boxing is a sport that requires intense workout without having to tear the muscles and joints. The best beginner boxing tips you can give is to first improve its strength throughout the body. Your exercise regime should be vigorous and exciting, but must burn a lot of calories, improve your body’s resistance and help develop the mental strength. Because in boxing, not only do you have to stand and fight, you have to stay calm and condiment to beat your opponent and not succumb to intimidation.

Intensity is the name of the game. Training exercises should last 2-3 minutes at a time and the recovery period of 60 seconds between points is boxing worldwide for beginners. Work your heart with 90% at a time and learn to recover efficiently in just one minute rest between exercises. This could help in boxing in which always works in your maximum heart rate is essential to recover fast and be as good as new.

Boxing tips for beginners

Maintain your exercise regimen and you will gain strength as it moves. Boxers use weights, boxing equipment that are personalized and a device called plyometric to maximize calorie burning and increase lean muscle mass. This can help to speed, endurance and power. This is great advice for beginners boxing. Read more »

How to hit a sack: learn boxing easily! Tricks

Whether for contact sports professionals looking to improve their technique, or amateur sports, hitting a bag is the ideal activity to download our stress and relieve tension. This activity is very simple, but carries a serious risk of injury to our hands and wrists, so it is vital to have adequate protection and follow some simple guidelines for attaining the proper technique. Those who want to start in the beating of the bag and not have the supervision of a trainer understand the issue, should consider a number of issues that we consider below.



  1. First, we must choose the model sack large bags are designed and intended to develop punching power, while the lightest (Speed bag) fit better with those who want to work the speed and reflexes. Due to its characteristics, heavy sacks move less and absorb more shock, because the blows propose here must be deeper and stronger. On the other hand, the lighter sacks help us to better exercise evasive head, improving the speed of our reflexes and strengthen the waist. The weight of the bag shall be a minimum of 50% of the fighter in question, if he wants to be gaining power. Read more »

How to hit a punching bag

If you have given a punching bag and do not know how to use it, follow these tips and make the most out of your workouts. Workouts with the punching bag help increase the speed and accuracy of your moves while burning the body fat and tone your muscles.

Boxing sacks are commonly used by boxers to exercise your muscles. Today, both men and women stay fit and discharged tensions with the help of a punching bag and exercises that can be performed very complete.

fighting fit

Generally men who practice martial arts and boxing are used to tone the muscles. However, women often use it to strengthen their physical form. Read more »

GSP retains his title!

The third round had barely started and Georges St-Pierre was in disorder. Shaken by a kick that came from him touching the right temple, the champion was in waters he had not visited since he had lost his belt five years earlier at the hands of Matt Serra.

Georges St-Pierre

Suddenly, questions to which he had to reply since the announcement of his return and the answers he had repeated wanted more say anything. Carlos Condit could feel the glory and GSP was too busy to survive. Read more »

Lucian has regained confidence

Lucian and I had always won as a team and we have learned to lose as a team. There are many athletes, who share ownership of the successes and disappointments, but Lucian is not like that and he deserves my admiration. We decided to make a comeback after the defeat against Carl Froch, but with an improved team.

Lucian Bute

We took a certain routine, but with a little more confidence. Historically, Lucian was sometimes on autopilot and the idea was to bring the manual mode. Years led he to develop certain reflexes was correct because he won, but it was important to reassess everything. Should not, however believe that everything we did before was not good. That Lucian has done over the years is simply remarkable. He defended his belt against opponents who were available and despite what people may say, we do not see a time when a Quebec boxer can repeat his exploits. Read more »


Danny Garcia defeated Erik Morales by TKO in the fourth round to retain his WBC and WBA titles super-light the first boxing event presented the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Garcia (25-0) defeated Morales for the second time this year, but this fight was easier that Garcia won by unanimous decision in Houston on March 24.

Danny Garcia and Erik Morales

After a quiet first two rounds, Garcia stepped up attacks in the third body. Garcia continued at the same pace in the fourth to win the fight by KO 16th of his career. Morales hit it on the right side of his head with a good left before climbing cables, triumphant, pending the official announcement. The American Devon Alexander, 25, grabbed the belt IBF welterweight dominant points by a unanimous decision of the judges his fellow veteran Randall Bailey, aged 38, on Saturday in New York. Alexander, dominating from the start of hostilities throughout the game, finished the fight twelve times with scores of 115-111, 116-110 and 117-109 in his favor to show a record of 24 wins and 1 loss. Read more »


LONGUEUIL – Although Adonis Stevenson prepares to play a welterweight eliminator middleweight IBF, this is not the idea of being a win a championship bout that inspired the world raise more when the ring the Bell Centre Friday night. Stevenson will instead offer a victory to his trainer and manager Emanuel Steward, who had to pause all activities after surgery to the stomach last month.


Stevenson (18-1, 15 KOs) will count on the presence of his mentor in his corner for his duel against American Donovan George (23-2-1, 20 KOs) in end of the first gala of the third season of the series “Fast and Furious” Group Yvon Michel. “I was surprised to learn that he was sick,” admitted Stevenson on Tuesday in connection with a presented in a public workout gym Longueuil on the south shore of Montreal. “We’ve spoken since, but it is obvious that I dedicate this fight to Emanuel.” The absence of Stewart, however, did not messed preparing Stevenson, since it is always under the supervision of trained Derrick Colemon and Javan Sugar Hill since he established his headquarters at the famous Kronk Gym in Detroit. Read more »


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