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Derek Fisher returns to the NBA while Carlos Cabezas leaves the Caja Laboral

After a quiet period in the subject of signings in the Endesa League and after the closure of the transfer market in the NBA we hear about veterans taking two bases roads very different with the intention of improving their situation. We speak of Derek Fisher and Carlos Cabezas, distant entity players each but now have come to the fore by negotiating their contracts.

First, the experienced American base returns to the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder hand after a period of rest after terminating his contract with the Dallas Mavericks in last December. The 38-year player did not play for a month with the Texas franchise, leaving the team for personal decision although Rick Carlisle had given several minutes, being part of the starting lineup in most games.

Derek Fisher

Thus, Fisher returns to the team that welcomed him after he left the Lakers last season, which caught on strong performances in the role of backup point guard Russell Westbrook’s electric. Although statistical point their numbers were not spectacular – 5 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds in 20 minutes – the experienced point guard was the team of Scott Brooks seriousness and experience from the direction of play that badly needed. So, helped the Thunder to reach the NBA Finals past where they were swept by Miami Heat. Read more »

NBA All Star 2013: first count of votes

The first count of votes for the 2013 All Star Game to be held in February in the city of Houston, is now completed, and it should be noted that as expected, there are no surprises. Lebron James is the Voted player, followed closely by Kobe Bryant and a little behind Kevin Durant. The three have already exceeded the figure of 600,000 votes.

AllStar 2013

In the Eastern Conference, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo have been voted the two bases, and the third on the list is Deron Williams, with 150,000 votes less than Rondo, approximately. As to the eaves, the aforementioned Lebron James, alongside Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett are the three best games. Chris Bosh is the fourth in discord, and conflict with Garnett for a starting job can be tough, because not many votes separating them. Read more »

NBA: Spurs fined for not fielding their best players

A few days ago the Spurs played in Miami before the powerful Heat which was their sixth game in eight days; in a rather complicated tour that San Antonio team had by solving quite well. Popovich, San Antonio coach, took a complex decision but totally normal for that game, which was nothing but to rest their key players.


San Antonio Spurs is a team veteran and the next match was against Memphis Grizzlies, NBA leaders and rivals in the fight for the playoffs and especially for being the best in the West. And this is the context, totally understandable, which Popovich four players sent home for not playing the game against the Miami Heat, the NBA context that does not understand. Read more »

Therapy Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace, the formerly known as Ron Artest, does not know what to do. His head would have lost crazy. The poor World Peace has tried everything and has spent a fortune (2 million euros) in psychologists to overcome their mental problems. But not by changing the name Metta World Peace has managed to be at peace with him. It is feared. He knows that one day will roll like old times. You do not know what to do or where to turn.

Therapy Metta

World Peace himself has stated that it is not easy to withstand the pressure of the NBA and less being Metta World Peace. The Lakers player has left out his fury with dropper, for example, with elbows. But inside, he knows he misses those battles in which he indulged his homicidal rage. He hungers for human flesh and do not know when it will be able to control it. Read more »

Templates NBA 2012-2013: Western Conference – West Division

We finish our look at the NBA templates for 2012-2013 seasons with the last of the divisions that we had to analyze: the Southwest Division belonging to the Western Conference of the NBA.

Templates NBA 2012-2013

Read our article and estate templates aware competes teams in the Western Conference, Southwest Division, which are encompassed Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets and San Antonio Spurs. Read more »

Betting NBA 2012-2013 season

Who will win the NBA 2012-2013 season? Who is the best player in the regular season? Who will be the MVP of the finals? How do you pay the betting each team’s victory? See all this and more in our betting guide to the new NBA season, where we offer everything you need to know about sports betting value and experts the chance of quipos and players to become the best in the 2012 season -2013 in the NBA.

Betting NBA 2012-2013 season

It seems that the bookmakers are very clear consulted about Miami Heat as NBA champion and conference champion. Lebron James is also favorite unanimous MVP of the 2012-2013 seasons. Read more »

NBA announces changes in the all-star voting system

It is not any scoop that the number of dominant pivots in the NBA has declined fairly and that the figure of the great man in the low post is in danger of extinction. However, the teams fight over promising University pivots who come to pick the difficult prospect of getting a good inner man.

NBA changes in the all-star voting system

Even the American selection has achieved gold in London 2012 without play virtually with a pivot clear (on occasions with Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James occupying this position). Read more »

2012-2013 NBA templates: this Conference – Southeast Division

Gradually you approach more and more the beginning of the NBA and we continued on our part review to the NBA templates for the 2012-2013 season. This time it is the turn to the Division that we needed to be tested in the Eastern Conference: the Southeast Division.

NBA Southeast Division

Without delay, after the jump you will find the templates full of the Southeast Division, which is completed our review of the Eastern Conference templates. Read more »

The ‘Cyborg’ Griffin upgrades your operating system

No doubt Blake Griffin is one of the media players in the NBA. For some, it is one of the most important players in the league, one of the most spectacular and a real physical marvel. For others, it is a simple player highlights a mountebank with very basic concepts of basketball.

most important players

Anyway, Blake Griffin knows that to become the best, or one of the best in the NBA, should improve and become a more complete player. Read more »

Carmelo Anthony burst into Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks

According to the information appeared on ESPN, envy that Carmelo Anthony had for Jeremy Lin was the main reason that ended basis leaving New York Knicks. Their relationship was disastrous and even Carmelo Anthony put the managers against the sword and the wall. Finally, we got away with it and Jeremy Lin packed up and went towards Houston Rockets.

Carmelo Anthony

The problems began when Carmelo Anthony comeback after recovering from a sore state. Just at that time had broken out in the NBA the phenomenon Jeremy Lin, who at that time was at its peak. Returning, Carmelo Anthony hit a totally new situation in the team. An uncle who probably had never heard in his life was now the leader of the Knicks on the court and the fans favorite. Read more »


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