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How to Hit a Baseball

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To those that have never done it, hitting a baseball may seem easy. However, hitting is not a job for the weak—the best professional pitchers can get that ball up to speeds of 103 miles an hour! OK—you probably don’t have to worry about balls going that fast when you are first starting your baseball career, but that doesn’t mean hitting a baseball is easy. Here are some tips you can practice whenlearning how to hit a baseball.

First of all, make sure you are using batting cage nets when practicing, to save yourself from a lot of ball chasing!

Know where to stand: Face the plate, and stand about a foot back from it.You should be angled a bit so the backside of your body is aimed toward the pitcher’s mound.

Make sure your feet and knees are in position: Your feet should be shoulder length apart and pointed toward the plate. Your knees should be bent slightly.

Hold the bat correctly: Your grip should be firm but not too tight. If you are right handed, grip it a few inches above the base with your left hand, with your right hand on top (of course this should be switched if you are left handed).With your front elbow bent, hold the bat with your hands at chest level about 6 inches from your body. Raise your back elbow so that it is pointed slightly downward and at a straight line with your shoulder.

Meet the ball: As the ball comes near you, step toward it with your front foot. Shift your weight completely to your front foot as you are following through.

Even the best hitters in the league had to start at the beginning—learning how to hit. Now that you know the basics, get a practice buddy, gather all of your equipment (including batting cage netting from and start practicing today!

Gain Professional Attention with the Right Uniforms

We all love to see upcoming athletic talent shine in their newly realized and newly beloved pastime.  Watching them soar above the competition and gain footing within a team or an entire division can be an exhilarating experience for the coaches and parents of these rising local stars.  Helping them discover their strengths and weaknesses is a part of allowing them to discover themselves in whichever type of sport they feel most comfortable participating in.  One of the simplest and yet most effective ways to boost an individual player’s morale and, for that matter, an entire team’s overall spirit is to outfit them with custom basketball uniforms befit of their professional heroes.

Arguably every kid who plays and competes in a specific sport each has their own idol that they look up to and admire.  Whether it is because of their stats, the team they play for, or the uniforms they wear, youngsters are always drawn to their own unique player or players.  Some kids do indeed look up to athletes solely for the colors that they wear.  Naturally, it is important to take certain matters into consideration and avoid custom basketball uniforms that could potentially embarrass kids on the court, or have them running in the opposite direction.  That could be seriously disastrous.  Custom basketball jerseys and basketball uniforms that enhance a team’s colors and instill pride in the players is a surefire way to boost morale among players and get them one step closer to the heroes they idolize.

There are certain steps one should take when choosing a company that can make and deliver quality basketball uniforms, custom basketball jerseys, and custom basketball uniforms.  A lot of companies come with promises and guarantees, but few offer the goods when it matters most.

Allen Sportswear has been sourcing custom basketball uniforms and custom basketball jerseys since its humble beginnings in 2004 after volunteering to outfit their local church league with basketball uniforms.  Today, the company has expanded and now provides pro quality wearable uniforms across a variety of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and softball.  The company asks that visitors to their website Click here for more information on our basketball jersey and uniform designs. One look at what the company has to offer should give parents, coaches, athletic coordinators, and team members the kind of boost in morale that looking good is supposed to do.

The pitching in baseball

Pitching is a major factor baseball game. Many consider it the most important, even over the batting. If a club does not have effective pitchers that meet its goal of containing the offense of the opposing team to victory can be a difficult my mission.

In baseball, the pitcher is the one player in charge of making shipments to the home, where the batter on the opposing team try to connect them in order to get on base and score in the race.

pitching in baseball

Another baseball player involved in this activity is the receiver, who is the responsible for requesting the pitcher the different types of shipments through signs; always avoiding the batter can see them. This is a key moment of the game because the same part every action. Read more »

Tips for Baseball players

Baseball may result in serious injury. Baseball is a great way to enjoy the many benefits of physical activity. Physical activity is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Baseball helps maintain a healthy weight, reducing blood pressure and stress, strong bones and maintain flexibility and good posture.

Tips for Baseball

Here are some tips to help player’s baseball to avoid injury and get the most out of your favorite sport.

Warm up

Before jumping on the ground, throw or hit the ball first, take at least 20 minutes to warm up properly. Remember that heat is to prepare the body to physical activity. He must increase body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate gradually. Your warm-up should include a general part (jogging, jumping, rotations of the arms and trunk …) and a specific part (throws sprints and bursts batting). Read more »

CY Young: David Price and R.A. Dickey

David Price of Tampa Bay Rays, and R.A. Dickey, the New York Mets won the trophy CY Young, given to the best pitcher in each League.

Price has compiled a record of 20-5 in 31 starts this season in the American League, in addition to keeping an average of points earned 2.56. He withdrew 205 batting on catches in addition to granting only 59 goals on balls.

David Price and R.A. Dickey

The left-handed expressed his joy on Twitter by thanking the members of the Association of American baseball writers for voting for him. He also thanked his team-mates. Read more »


SAN FRANCISCO – It was time to clean San Francisco, Monday, after the celebrations that followed the triumph of the Giants in the World Series, Sunday realized by scanning the Detroit Tigers. Rejoicing however turned sour in some areas, resulting in 33 arrests.

Giants supporters celebrated

Most of these occurred in the Mission District, stated that Sergeant Michael Andraychak. “There were celebrations peaceful and good humor everywhere in the city, said Andraychak. Malheureusent, over and as the night progressed, people came forward with an intention of violence. “A city bus was set on fire and several bins. Read more »


No doubt, the National League starts resume confidence in the World Series; it could win a third straight victory this year, which was not seen in ages! Indeed, after see saw the San Francisco Giants win easily the Texas Rangers in five games (4-1) in 2010 and the St. Louis Cardinals win easily in seven games (4-3), facing the same year Rangers latter, Giants, who lead 3-0 after the first three games against the Detroit Tigers, could succeed nothing less than a scan and allow the National signed a third consecutive win, which would be a first since record the sequence of four wins in a row from 1979 to 1982 conducted the longest in league history in this area.

champions in 1979

In 1979, the Pittsburgh Pirates had managed a superb return for displaying a delay of 1-3 after four games, they triumphed 7-1, 4-0 and 4-1 in the last three games and beat the Baltimore Orioles in seven games. Read more »


For the second time in three years, the San Francisco Giants are World Series champions. The Giants completed the sweep of the Detroit Tigers on Sunday night with a 4-3 victory obtained in ten innings. Marco Scutaro, who was named the MVP of the championship series of the National League, produced the winning run with a single that drove Ryan Theriot at the plate with two outs. Sergio Romo retired the Tigers in order at the end of the tenth to launch the celebrations in the cold air of Michigan. Romo ended the match by freeze Miguel Cabrera with a fastball in the heart of marble, an outcome that epitomizes the incompetence of the Tigers hitters in this series in which they will hit only 20 hits for generate six points. Giants are back at the top of the hierarchy of baseball, those who had eliminated the Texas Rangers in five games in 2010. It is the seventh title in franchise history.


Pablo Sandoval was named MVP of the World Series. From the first play ball! Series, the Giants were superior to all Tigers in a baseball team can offer. Sunday evening, after removing dual starters and spotless work from both bullpens, they are brothers gathered in the locker room Bruce Bochy who have to pick up the small advantage that the big guns Jim Leyland n ‘ have never been able to provide. During a new hero took the torch to every game for the Giants – think three circuits Sandoval, both hits provided by Madison Bumgarner or presences goals timely Hunter Pence – dynamics Tigers hitters, yet freshly inspired a sweep against the Yankees, watched the action both feet in cement. Their last match was to be their best in the final act.

Cabrera finally resonates with his stick a circuit that gave his team the lead for the first time in the series. Delmon Young then responded immediately after seeing Buster Posey to 3-2 with a bomb to left field in the sixth. But these few strokes of brilliance would be a simple overview of what is lacking in the American League champions in the last chapter of their season. Whereas the Tigers had to deal with a rebuilt bullpen staff to repair the damage caused by the explosion of their stopper Jose Valverde, the Giants never showed the slightest sign of weakness. Read more »


Pablo Sandoval became the fourth player in history to hit three homers in a single game of the World Series. After five innings, the Giants lead 6-0 on the Tigers. Note that this meeting can be found on RDS. Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols had previously achieved the feat. Unexpectedly, the output of Justin Verlander proved disastrous as he gave five points the San Francisco Giants in four innings of work.


Upon first inning, Justin Verlander escaped a bullet to taste Sandoval was shipped from the other side of the fence. He thus became the first player to Giants hit a long ball in his career against the Tigers right-hander. Then Kung Fu Panda is returned to the charge with a two-run homer in the third, to the opposite field. Sandoval The third circuit has occurred while it was right-handed reliever Al Alburquerque, who was on the mound. Read more »

The Giants cling

ST. LOUIS, United States – Brandon Crawford hit a two-run single and the San Francisco Giants prevailed 5-0 to Cards, reducing the lead to 3-2 in St. Louis this championship series of the National on Friday. Sixth match will take place Sunday evening in San Francisco. A seventh game would be played at the same place on Monday night. Pablo Sandoval hit a solo long ball in the eighth. It was his second homer in as many nights.

Barry Zito

The Giants scored four times in the fourth, thanks to a simple two-point Crawford. Initially Marco Scutaro scored on a bad relay Lance Lynn to second on a rolling of Hunter Pence. Scutaro started the inning with a single and reached second base on a single to Sandoval. He could cross the marble when the relay against Lynn gave the second goal, and then branching out into the outfield. Crawford followed with a single through the mound and the Giants have added a point with a damped Barry Zito . The relay off target at first base allowed Gregor Blanco to score. Read more »


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