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Barcelona is the first champion of the Youth League

This 2013-2014 season, UEFA created a new competition, which called Youth League. It is, so we understand, in the Champions League for youth level teams, or more officially said, sub 19. Involved in her sub 32 teams 19 teams participating in the Champions League, and the competition is the same format as this one.

In the end, a single match played at the Stadium of Colovray Nyon, Switzerland, came a Spanish team, FC Barcelona, and a Portuguese team, Benfica SL, who had knocked out Real Madrid in the semifinals. And the honor of being the first winner of this new competition has been for Barcelona, with a clear victory by 3-0 that reflected their superiority.

barcelona youth team

The minute score was soon broken, for 9 minutes in the first chance of the game; Rodrigo Tarin marked the first of the afternoon taking advantage of a clear rejection goal. Only 5 minutes later there was one of the key moments of the match, penalty kick for Benfica. However, the Portuguese striker Romario Balde going to waste a chance to tie the match. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Bayern and Atletico are the other two semifinalists

There is a cliche in football that says who forgives ends up paying. That topic will have crossed his mind to all the fans of Atletico Madrid, who were at the Calderon and those without. And so, after 20 exquisite first few minutes, several times scattered throughout the remainder of the match, the score was only 1-0 for Atletico when it could have been much higher.

However, this topic tonight was not fulfilled, and Atletico Barcelona felled to the semifinals. A Barcelona apathetic with the ball at the feet, easy to cross in defense and no solutions from the bench. Best of Barca was Pinto, who saved a pair of goals and sung allied with poles, for up to three times the ball crashed into the wood of your goal.

atletico madrid vs barcelona

The goal Koke declined the balance in favor of Atletico, who suffered less by the end harassment of Barcelona but because it lacked the strength. Deservedly, Atletico Madrid and reached the semifinals of the Champions League, forty years after the previous occasion, leaving out a Barcelona that takes a blow again, in a year in which almost all bad news. Read more »

Spanish 1st Division 2013-2014 League: Barca wins 3-4 to Real Madrid with Messi hat trick

The FC Barcelona has emerged as winner of the Santiago Bernabeu after an intense game that had almost everything and in which the Tata Martino eventually winning 3-4 to Real Madrid. Leo Messi was one of the stars of grief since their hat trick proved decisive although two of their goals came from the penalty spot.

This marker besides being great news for the club gives the lead Atletico Madrid and tightens the League as Madrid and Atletico are now level on points and Barca follows them just one point away so we expect a thrilling final League and only have 9 days and it seems impossible to make predictions about which team will come out as winner.

barca vs real madrid

The game tonight between Real Madrid and Barcelona was exciting, had a brilliant first part for the amateur, many goals and controversial plays because the last three goals came from the penalty spot and there were some other questionable action. During the first half Real Madrid had more chances but the first goal of the game came after 7 minutes by means of Iniesta had another marvelous performance that although the outbreaks will carry Messi. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions Leagues: Barcelona and PSG quarterfinals

The Barcelona have qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League 2013-2014, the second Spanish have achieved after Atletico Madrid. Barc

a, who won the first leg 0-2 at Manchester City, has been repeated victory, this time 2-1, so the aggregate to have been quite clear superiority of Catalans.

The first half ended goalless and with a sustito for Barcelona, yet completely dominated the game. Moreover, should have gone with the score in favor if the referee is right to nullify a goal for offside, or if he had called a clear penalty on Messi. It would not be the only penalty that the referee would eat, as the City also suffered this situation and in the second half.

barcelona champions league

All the goals come in the second half, which was much more open and had an exchange of blows that gave some excitement to the game. Messi, drawing a clear mistake of Lescott, he opened the scoring. Kompany would score the tie, and when the clock was about 90, but no time to celebrations, Alves goal was to make the final 2-1. Read more »

Puyol announced he will leave Barcelona at the end of season

In team matches this week, now the clubs always have a little hold. That was the moment chosen discrete Carles Puyol to announce that leaves FC Barcelona. Barca player convened a press conference almost by surprise, before training, to announce the end of his long career as a player of the team of Barcelona.

Puyol was clear, short, and concise. No questions or admitted he brandished a long speech. In just two minutes, the player dispatched the press conference. Most importantly, one that will not be in Barcelona and therefore waive the two-year contract that still remain, and two, that does not know what the future will be at this time, and already decided and then announced.

puyol barcelona

He also said he planned to relax in the summer, so it seems to close the door on a possible call from the national team for the World Cup. The truth is that the physical state of the Barca player is no longer, what it was. Very depleted by injuries, the player who has always given everything and unceremoniously on the pitch points to withdrawal, unless you are willing to play in a minor league? Read more »

2013-2014 Copa del Rey: Barcelona is the other finalist

Yesterday, Real Madrid got in the Cup final, today he has had to Barcelona become the other finalist. Barca team made good the controversial 2-0 first leg at the Nou Camp and has surpassed the Royal Society in this tie after the second leg played in Anoeta ended with 1 draw, after 90 minutes quite entertaining and good game.

Barcelona has made a party quite complete, of the best I have seen lately. Still, it has managed to achieve victory because opposite the Royal Society has proved also to be a great team, and it’s no coincidence that he got where it is today. Putting intensity until the end and thanks to its good out to counterattack, Arrasate’s at least tied the match.

copa del rey finalist

And the score will be made difficult in the first half when Messi pounced on a poor clearance to José Ángel made the play of 0-1, a goal which came crying after the attempted stop Zubikarai. Barca pressed and triangulated looking goal, while the Royal sought against possession and sometimes argue the Catalans. And so, despite the tie looked settled, at least the party entertained. Read more »

2013-2014 Copa del Rey: Barcelona beat Real with controversy and luck

What things can change in a minute? You can go to have a penalty for and with the removal of a rival, to be a goal and a player less. That’s what happened to the Royal Society, which looks like you are not whistled a penalty of Mascherano, to concede a goal of Busquets and Inigo was ejected for protesting, just took a minute.

To make matters worse, the San Sebastian team got a goal in itself more surreal door in recent times. After a shot to stick Alexis Sanchez to Elustondo you forgot a basic rule for any defensive player, there is no clear for the center. He did, smashed the ball over the body of Zubicaray, hence the back of the net.

barcelona copa del rey

Thus, controversy and a good dose of luck, Barcelona won 2-0 in the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey. A party which, by the way, just up enthusiasm, as reflected in the fact that there was not even 40 thousand people in the stands of the Camp Nou. And we’re talking about a semifinal for a title. This is the league and the Cup, some want. Read more »

Barcelona v Real Madrid Free Tip

This coming weekend, the biggest fixture in the club football calender – Barcelona v Real Madrid, known in Spain as El Clasico. An unpredictable game where a moment of genius can be decisive, but whether this is from the little Argentine magician or the Portuguese man of war, it’s hard to tell.

What we do know is it will be a very tight game; a Madrid win seems unlikely, going off their early form under new manager, Carlo Ancelotti, who is trying to integrate three new signings into the team, and a 5-0 Barca win (like in November 2010) is definitely not on the cards this Saturday. The first half will no doubt be a highly intense game of pressurised football with Barca looking to dominate possession and try to hunt it back very quickly, high up the pitch, giving the Madrid players no time on the ball.

Real have not been scoring very freely this term and Barca are not the monstrous force they were three seasons ago; Los Blancos (Madrid) stumbled to a 2-0 win over Malaga at the Bernabeu last weekend with 2 goals coming in the second half, whereas Barcelona were held to a 0-0 draw at Osasuna, a game where Lionel Messi only appeared as a 2nd half substitute.

Messi has often found the net when it really matters in these fixtures, the Champions League semi-final 2nd leg winner a couple of seasons ago being the most memorable. Although it’s only October, the significance of winning this match is huge because of the consistent victories these clubs pick up every week against the rest of the League – another reason why the first 45 minutes of this encounter will be full of nervous tension, high energy, and chess-like probing, patient possession from Barcelona.

Of the last six La Liga meetings between the two teams, only one of the games has ended with more goals scored in the first half than in the second half. Three of the matches have finished with the opposite being the case – 2nd half as highest scoring half, and two games have seen the goals evenly spread over both periods.

Considering the current form of both teams, and a gut feeling that the game will be more open in the second half (if early goals fly in in the first half, then the game could well tighten up in the second period, and the opposite may be true but hey, that’s gambling for you) For my football betting tip I recommend betting on the 2nd Half being the highest scoring half – 2.1 Euro odds or 11/10.

2013-2014 Spanish League 1st Division: Classic Barca wins more football controversy

The first Classic of the season 2013-2014 is it yet FC Barcelona. There was little football, except flashes, with one part for each team , there was controversy as always, and there were also experiments by Ancelotti, who chose not exactly the best day for testing, evidence later showed were not exactly the best.

Because the Real Madrid midfielder Sergio Ramos and Bale of false ’9′, sometimes exchanging with Cristiano Ronaldo, did not work, and gave us a firsthand disastrous. So little was the Madrid in the first 45 minutes before a Barcelona losing was not exactly a big deal, and even that was dedicated to speculate and take a step back after the 1-0.


A 1-0 came at 18 minutes. Just when we missed some action of danger in any of the two areas, Iniesta appeared to attend Neymar, who scored with a shot that grazed on Carvajal and snuck into the goal. Attempts association between manchego and Brazil were the best of Barcelona, and the pride of Modric and Khedira the highlight of Madrid. Read more »

2013-2014 Spanish League 1st Division: classification results and Round 6

With little rest, the league has not stopped this week and we had time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After the games this Round 6 we find no change in head and Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are still counting all his matches for wins , winning the Catalans to Real Sociedad and Atletico Osasuna, 4-1 and 2 – 1 were the markers.

The Real Madrid remains in third place after winning 1-2 at Elche, in a game marked by controversial decisions of the referee Muniz Fernandez, who after Elche and after the club – Sevilla of Round 4. In the fourth position continues after winning 2-1 Villarreal Espanyol, breaking the streak of the parrots that had not lost in league.


The Athletic Bilbao at San Mames rallied goal from Jorge Molina and ended up winning the Betis to climb to fifth place. Scale also positions the Valencia, which in full civil war brought knew the 3 points after winning 0-1 Granada. With two straight wins in the league, the rivers are fewer revolts now in the city of Turia, although the team locker Djukic is a tinderbox. Read more »


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