Brazilian GP 2012: Finally, Vettel, Vettel, Vettel…!

The season drew to a conclusion on the Interlagos circuit in Brazil, under the threat of rain that had not finished making an appearance but had indelibly marked Saturday’s qualifying.

Brazilian GP 2012

In this vein and although Pastor Maldonado suffered a penalty of 10 places on the grid, the provision therein of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, 7th and 4th respectively, ventured a race comfortable for German and difficult for the Spanish in a trial in which both the one and the other should try to elucidate the drivers’ title. However, it was not, and the script jumped shattered from the moment when the light turned green.

The McLaren, absolute rulers on Saturday, started well despite the rain had begun to fall, albeit slowly. Hamilton, the polesitter, seemed unwilling to waste the chance to win as he did in the Grand Prix of the USA last week. Behind him, Button was added to the bid decision Woking by Ferrari snatch second place in the World Manufacturers, while behind him, Webber Vettel tried to defend the attack of the Maranello after Heppenheim do disastrous in output lost some positions.

The opening stages were frantic. The Senna S became a funnel through which it was necessary to pass at all costs and a field in which the double world champion, far from sure that Alonso would not escape, he served the German to be within the area most dangerous of all: the montonera, why, in a dubious maneuver, Bruno Senna hit, forcing a fight thereafter from last place on the grid and with the flat bottom of the RB8 touched.

During the second lap, Massa fight with Webber for third place, which leverages moment of Oviedo to beat the square? Then virtual Alonso is world champion, but the rain keeps falling persistently and the fish is not yet sold, and though Hamilton leads the test followed by teammate Button, the Spaniard looks for mirrors Hulkenberg has a fish in troubled waters and that after getting rid of Felipe Ferrari is dangerously close to number 5.

It was still raining and began the steps for garages. Hamilton made a mistake and was overtaken by Button. Hulkenberg had done the same with Alonso. Jenson Lewis returned to the position to snatch it back on lap 8. Fernando was fourth but Sebastian and was sixth…

On Lap 17, the German world champion is virtual since it goes to the tail of Alonso in fifth place. Button test rules with an iron hand followed a short distance by Nico. Behind him, Hamilton. By 18, Hulkenberg leads, position not dismount until almost thirty laps later.

But not anticipate events. Abundant crap that was on the track due to the many mishaps occurred, had created a dangerous prick Mercedes AMG Rosberg, which ultimately led to the Race Direction deploy safety car from lap 23 until the 29. The test logically compacted as benefiting both Fernando Sebastian, who sailed fourth and fifth respectively.

Restarted, a few laps later, on lap 34 specifically, Felipe Massa and Vettel beats Kobayashi later, standing at the back of the Ferrari number 5 and letting it necessary to try the assault on the head of the race, which remains in the hands Nico Hulkenberg until on lap 48, due to a skid, German is the yield to Lewis Hamilton, for that instant, Button is comfortable in third place and has a seemingly insurmountable distance Alonso.

But on lap 54, Nico Lewis attacks, clash, Hamilton was forced to retire, and Button took the reins while Hulkenberg will definitely slowing down irretrievably. Behind Vettel ahead of Webber, who is seventh until Schumacher beats? Hopes for Oviedo undergo expect the RB8 break your opponent.

The last stages of the race would come marked by the Spaniard’s attempt to reach out to Button, which is not true. Jenson is very solvent governs head and solid career. Behind him are drawn spacious apparently impassable for Ferrari, who begin to settle for finishing second and third respectively, ahead of Mark and Nico, and of course a dream Sebastian already crowned the youngest three-time history of our sport.

As icing an electrifying career, Paul di Resta collides with three straight rounds in the stands, forcing the second deployment of Piste Safety Car’s all over even though the last two turns are made under caution.

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