LeBron James is voted ‘Best Sportsman of the Year’ by Sports Illustrated

The end of year is usually synonymous with awards and recognition, and one of them has gone to LeBron James. The player of the Miami Heat has been recognized as ‘Best Sportsman of the Year’ by the prestigious awards like Sports Illustrated that the player great year in which finally was able to conquer his first championship ring off and removing a few taunts that often branded uncrowned king in the NBA.

lebron james

Eight seasons without leading his team to the ring, his controversial departure from the Cavaliers, the impossibility of winning the title in his first year in the Heat and James comparisons with NBA myths did enough damage to a player often criticized but that, by numbers, is breaking many records. James and can claim to have been three times NBA MVP and MVP once late in addition to showcase two Olympic golds, the last earned this 2012 in London and has helped to be recognized with this award.

Deserved or not? Award for James? Personally I declare fan but clearly it does not detract from this award that binds him to players like Dwyane Wade, Tim Duncan, David Robinson and Michael Jordan who also had received it as well as other stars American sports like Tiger Woods or Michael Phelps that but because he got earlier, could have chosen the award again after his performance in the London Olympics.

James said the following in his interview to the magazine on the occasion of his award:

Do I think an award like this would have been possible two years ago? I think not

I thought it would help a lot of children and raise $ 3 million in television coming and saying, ‘Hey, wanna play with Miami Heat’. But affected many more people than imagined

I know it was not the level of injury or addiction, but it was something I had to recover. I had to become a better person, better player, best father, best friend, best mentor and best leader. I changed and I think people have started to understand who I really am

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