Benzema is dressed in kimonos

The French striker, with two goals and a great performance, leads his team to victory before a fragile Athletic. They also marked Ozil, Ramos and Khedira.

Karim Benzema returning from a minor injury and he did with a vengeance. The Gallic desnivelo encounter when the set of Bielsa threatened to dominate the ball. A breath of Benzema and Athletic collapsed. The team is a broken toy Biscayan that cries the season ends sooner to minimize damage. The trouble is that we are still in November.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, continues to own, crouching and hoping that Barcelona have a bad day. Almost no margin for error, Mourinho’s team is aware that this year has to suffer in the league. A stumble Catalans lead them closer to and from there, start the usual tactic of psychological wear so well mastered Portuguese coach. Meanwhile, the plan is to win without a sound and that the dam is trusted.

Against Athletic, Benzema was the silent hunter. Not only scored two goals, both beautifully crafted, but moved all over the offensive zone, creating opportunities, generating game and enabling his comrades. Benzema is more than a striker. The important thing for the team is that he is creating his role.

His nomination for the Golden Ball is no gift. The game continues to evolve Benzema small steps forward. In yesterday’s game, the Frenchman slipped the dress suit to give a football lesson elegant and accurate. The team thanked the leadership of the French with the strange situation in Christian, its main star.

Khedira also returned to the team, one of the lieutenants of Mourinho in the field. And Coentrao. At Real Madrid still has a better display to rival high level entity. In the next two days has a tricky visit to Benito Villamarin and get to Atletico Falcao. Earn and wait the constant white team during the start of the season.

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