Benitez and Torres, in health and in disease

Coach and player receive criticism and praise in equal measure at Chelsea. After the defeat ‘blue’ in the Club World Cup, both are back in the spotlight of fans and media. Arguably Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres have, to some extent, parallel lives. Both tasted together the best years of Spanish Liverpool and the two plunged into a dark road when they left Anfield Road.


While crashing Benitez at Inter Milan, Torres was entering Stamford Bridge, where the troubles have been higher than satisfaction. Neither Andre Villas-Boas, Roberto de Matteo knew or squeeze the best qualities of Torres and seemed on the horizon was only one person who could lead the resurgence of the Child: Rafa Benitez.

As fate would have crossed the Spaniard again in the life of Torres and, as always, the successes and failures have been one of the other’s hands. Benitez started his journey at Chelsea between harsh criticism and they just were diluted (and very subtly) when there were the first victories of the combined London (against Nordsjaelland in Champions, against Sunderland in Premier League and against Monterrey, in the semifinals World Cup) and when goals from striker reappeared Fuenlabrada. Before the end of Mundialito, Fernando Torres had scored five goals in the six games he had played under the mandate of Benitez and seemed had finally gone back your instinct and the fierce criticism that has always been dedicated to the English press.

Unfortunately for the boy, the good feelings to fans and press only answered a passing mirage and the house of cards collapsed with the end of World Club Cup. The Chelsea succumbed against Corinthians and again Benitez and Torres were the focus of all reviews. The Spanish striker missed a clear chance that could change the sign of the encounter and newspapers like The Independent did not lose the opportunity to spend headlines like: “Fernando Torres regains his version ‘wasteful’ world crown and Chelsea escapes “.

Benitez, who maintains his curse with Mundialito (it lost to Liverpool and was dismissed shortly after winning with Inter Milan), has also been the subject of bitter comments from English media and the Daily Mail recalled that two of their victories have been against opponents of minor importance, as mentioned Nordsjaelland or Monterrey.

That is, the little credit he had obtained the Spaniard with his recent results has evaporated as quickly as it had received praise Torres in recent weeks. Again, both are in the well. We’ll see if together come together afloat or have to leave Stamford Bridge when the season ends. Like a marriage, Benitez and Torres together in health and disease.

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