Australia Open 2013: Djokovic beats Murray wins third straight title

Can we talk about hegemony in the Australia Open? Then perhaps could be precipitated in the women say though Victoria Azarenka was said on Saturday its second consecutive title but makes more sense in the men after Novak Djokovic has turn out champion Melbourne for the third year running .

And Djokovic is that given how well the Australia Open which in recent years has already won four times. His opponent in this fourth time was the same as in the second, Britain’s Andy Murray could not lift his second grand slam and it started well but slowly he was taking its toll and fatigue problems in the foot to finish succumbing to the power of Djokovic 6-7 (2), 7-6 (3), 6-3, 6-2 after three hours and forty minutes.

Novak Djokovic

The battle between Djokovic and Murray was very hard in the early stages of the match. Although Murray was not taking too well, Scotsman grabbed the track as usual willing to fight for every ball and breaking ball lift that gave the Serbian, five during the first heat. Although Djokovic was more aggressive, could not take advantage of these key balls and the set went to a tie-break in which Murray went 4-0 to close shortly after the set and put the lead after a battle over one hour.

In the second set the Scottish tennis player could strike a blow on the table because it took up a 0-40 on Djokovic’s first service. The Scot missed the opportunity to knock out a Nole I was hesitant of being resurfaced and new set to sudden death. This time the Serb could put the tie after more than one hour.

Although the score indicated that the match was tied, Djokovic began to take advantage. Murray had one less day of rest and their battle in the semifinals with Federer was long and hard unlike the placid party Djokovic Ferrer had before. The Scot began to accuse the paper invoice and the blister on his right foot began to create problems and pain in the leg requiring medical assistance.

Then came the turning point of the game because Djokovic smelled his victory could be close if the pace increased. Also began to dominate from the bottom of the track and in the eighth game of the third set was put in advantage. Murray could not react burdened by his 46 unforced errors (61 made the Serbian but hit 47 winners for the 29 Scottish). In the fourth set Djokovic broke too soon, got to 4-1 and gave Murray and seeing that it was an insurmountable wall for him and more on the physical conditions in which he was.

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