SAN FRANCISCO – It was time to clean San Francisco, Monday, after the celebrations that followed the triumph of the Giants in the World Series, Sunday realized by scanning the Detroit Tigers. Rejoicing however turned sour in some areas, resulting in 33 arrests.

Giants supporters celebrated

Most of these occurred in the Mission District, stated that Sergeant Michael Andraychak. “There were celebrations peaceful and good humor everywhere in the city, said Andraychak. Malheureusent, over and as the night progressed, people came forward with an intention of violence. “A city bus was set on fire and several bins.

Several storefronts and vehicles were vandalized, including a television van, and firefighters had to be escorted by police to extinguish a fire near the most important Giants Stadium. Mayor Edwin Lee announced, however, that the parade of champions would begin at 11:00 local time on Wednesday, Market Street to Civic Center Plaza. The parade that followed the victory of the Giants World Series 2010 has attracted hundreds of thousands of people.

On Sunday, police in riot clothes watching people on the plaza civic center, where they had installed a giant screen. The thousands of fans on site exploded with joy when their favorites have included the last withdrawal. Yos Anthony, aged 10, his older brother Luciano, 15, and their parents all celebrated together. “It’s fabulous, said Anthony with a huge smile.

The Giants are my favorite team. “Sara Vivas brought his six year old daughter Briana Cepeda to see the game and join the celebrations. Both were dressed in colored clothes Giants head to toe. “This is something she will remember all her life, said Vivas.

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