2012-2013 Spanish League 1st Division: Real Madrid wins a rare classic against FC Barcelona

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The fans of Real Madrid are in luck this week because it’s difficult to brag to win two classics in just four days. If Tuesday the white team won by 1-3 at the Camp Nou and got into the final of the Copa del Rey, this Saturday ‘s Mourinho won 2-1 in league match with goals from Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Messi, an outcome that does not alter one iota the title picture, very clear to the club for months.

Decaffeinated, at all hours, without much interest for either of these teams … Many adjectives have described the classic in previous days and the fact is they have been reflected on the field where we have seen a game quite boring at times and only had a couple of major alteration phases and a controversial final outcome dubious move in the area of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid  vs Barcelona

Mourinho was clear that this match was far less important than the next Tuesday against United and so left out men like Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kedhira, Ozil, Higuain and Di Maria deploying a side that had midfielder Pepe in men and less common as Essien, Modric or Morata. He also Roura rotations that were without Xavi Hernandez though in his case took a closer alignment to which we can consider holder.

The party was soon encouraged because even five minutes had passed and the Madrid and went ahead rising to 14 the number of consecutive games in which Barca fits a goal. Benzema, which had talked all week for your traffic ticket, scored the first goal of the network riveting white good Morata center. The move came in ahead of Sergio Ramos in midfield because of New Madrid was more active defensively anticipate Barca.

Barca again has possession but lacked depth, which found a clear space of Messi Thiago looked great. The Argentine faced a surprised Ramos and Diego Lopez with a shot dry and satin that slipped through the near post when it was over fifteen minutes of play. With that start the party promised more than it offered in the first half because from there was very little football. The Madrid is locked back and tried to get out on the break as he had in Cup Xabi Alonso but throwing the ball long looking for them or that script Cristiano Ronaldo loses many whole game.

Meanwhile the club returned to be very blunt in attack, with over 60% of possession but little notion of how to penetrate the defense white. A shot from the edge of Messi and a header by Morata pass from Modric after the squad sent the side netting were the most important moves beyond goals. The game resumed similarly and then left Cristiano Ronaldo and his departure just excited the public and the party. And it is that the Portuguese always plays to the maximum and just outside already faced down and brought him a yellow card.

The Portuguese was very active and took two good offenses that used forced Victor Valdes also saved a dogfight with Morata after a good through ball from Pepe that shone not that much in midfield. The Madrid deserved more and both came in a dead-ball situation. Modric took a corner and Sergio Ramos jumped well above Pique to score the second in a black week for Barca center which has been largely superseded by two strokes in central Madrid fans.

Few minutes remaining and Barca had left little capacity to react. The sought with Tello but the turnaround was difficult. Cristiano could expand their differences but a lack crashed against the crossbar. In the end, an inmate of Adriano sparked controversy because Ramos seems that it’s up and knocks you down but the referee did not say anything. There are more football but still missing insults from Valdes who won the red and maybe several match bans.

At the end of both Madrid victory in a crash that looked set to draw and that whites go more moral and more doubts Barca because regardless of whether or not to have tied the possible penalty, the picture was quite similar to the of the last games and that does not seem sufficient to overturn a 2-0 defeat against Milan.

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