2012-2013 Champions Leagues: Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund to quarters

The Real Madrid had to win at Old Trafford to eliminate Manchester United and qualify for the quarter-finals, and he did it. The Jose Mourinho have won by 1-2, tracing and overcoming a difficult situation that had long after the goal that was scored an own death Sergio Ramos. The game definitely declined in favor of Real Madrid after the expulsion of Nani.

During the first half, Real Madrid was unable to generate a clear chance. It was hard to Mou the mere fact of creating a dangerous play well before a United retreated and did not allow a counter ever, knowing that there had been the main danger of Madrid. Thus, a shot from the bottom Vidic and a heads-up that missed Wellbeck were the best times they met.

ManUTD RealMadrid

The second half began with a goal by Sergio Ramos, after a cross from Nani. Soon after, the Portuguese were expelled by the Turkish Cakir a dangerous game action of the braid straight red felt. The play will be talking about because from there the Madrid ate at United. Modric tied the game with a goal from outside the area and Cristiano marked the 1-2 goal did not hold.

Although it is perhaps Nani last thing you can discuss Cakir, who ate at least one penalty in each area. With the 1-2, Ferguson brought Rooney and Manchester Young and dump anything could happen. Goal came not any goal that Diego Lopez and De Gea as prevented. And that’s how Madrid has crept into quarters, rounding a fantastic week and that will give much moral Mou team.

Shakhtar Westfalenstadion Dortmund came to the same need as Real Madrid, after the first leg 2-2 , but the result was very different. The Borussia Dortmund was over Ukrainian side, putting all of its part since Klopp have in the Champions League the only option to win a title this year. 3-0 was the clear bookmark you finished the game.

Borussia’s goal did not come until the 31st minute, although not without opportunities for it to arrive before. It would mark the Brazilian Felipe Santana in a dead-ball situation. Assistant in the first goal, Mario Gotze scorer advantage became a center of Polish Lewandowski.

He had the occasional opportunity to have cut Shakhtar distances at the start of the second half, but what arrived was the third and final goal of Dortmund. It marked the Polish Kuba Blaszczykowski, aprochando rejection Pyatov Meta innocent enough. And little story had this game, a large Borussia presenting his candidacy.

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